So lets fast track

Fast forward to a few days - my sink is fixed -  and it looks immaculate and the work was done within a week and two days later I m sitting on a plane heading to Chennai to surprise my relatives  - all on my own. No Hubby. No Raihaan.

Yes yes, I am in Chennai, arrived like 2 days ago. I didn't inform anybody -  just wanted to surprise everyone. Thankfully, my BIL helped me alot in this conspiracy, and I got all my intended victims surprised.
5 hours later-  I was back at our apartment and stayed put with my in laws.

Fortunately for me - Allah has been kind-  the weather has cooled down to a cloudy temperament. Since I am like 40 km away from the hustle and bustle of central city -  my place here is quiet and peaceful. I hate leaving my place.

Oh - forgot to mention why I m here. The long awaited training has been scheduled for next week  - and I am meeting two other ladies for the training. Before I go for the training - wanted to spend time with my relations and have fun -  which sort of didn't happen cos I made the rookie mistake of drinking a cold drink at my SIL which resulted in me having a sore throat. Its not a secret what happens to me if I get a sore throat. So here I am   -  at my place, resting and working (still hv to work).
Ending with pic taken after checking in at the airport. My first trip on board a plane!!!

Woohoo!! Finally an adult!! ( hahahah)

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