Sleepy and tired

I went to Chennai fresh and came back tired -  so tired - I have nothing to compare it with.

My sleeping habits took a turn for the worse every night I was at the hotel. At first, it was 11pm, then 12midnight and then sleeping at 2am became the norm for the remaining nights. I checked into hotel on Sunday later afternoon.

My eating habits took a sharp deviation to the left -  I have been drinking coffee like three cups a day and loving it. And I loved the soft,thick, big and tasty pratha so so much -  I have been eating that a tad too often. The breakfast given at the hotel was awesome. They had soft hot idlis, with two diff chutneys and sambar. They had vegetable uppuma, pongal, some stuffed pratha and whole lot of other indian standard breakfast items  - something that I hardly eat in any of my mornings.

And lunch is provided by the training vendor - and the food was equally good. It was way too  much -  but good.

And dinner -  either it was at the hotel, or out with my family members or with the vendors. Again -  food was so damn good - its not a surprise-  I put on 5 kilos for the time I was there.
Its so easy for me to put on the weight because all I did was sit and sit during the training. And when I m back -  we sit and chat throughout the night with the girls or I am on my butt working on my laptop. And then walk 2 steps back to the bed and then I m out for the night. Thank god -  it was only for 5 days -  anything more - they would have sent me back home in a 20 foot container.

Anyways - by the time I boarded the flight back home -  I was tired and slumped. I was in such a daze when going through the customs -  I left my passport and boarding pass in my laptop bag and let it pass through the scanner. I was so so in a daze. I did sleep the moment I got into my seat in the plane -  but I sat at the aisle seat and I was knocked every time a normal sized person walk past me. It was such a crampy ride -  I guess the next time I board a flight -  I rather lose the kilos first rather than complain.

The moment I arrived, I met up with TA and the first thing I had for breakfast was butter and sugar on toasted bread. ( Forget the drama I did -  hugging him so tight and crying and all!)

Overall the day was spent on sleeping, and then went off to a birthday party and then slumped over there, Hubby broke fast at Changi Village and there I was sleeping as well.
I slept all the way home in the cab and RA had to wake me up. The moment I got home -  that was it. On the bed -  with whatever I was wearing.

Saturday and Sunday went off in a daze with me trying to regain my sleep and eating pattern back to track. Today is my first day of fasting -  and my sleep got another hit to it as well. I was not able to do anything much as soon as afternoon came. I had a 2 hour siesta and woke up later to complete my work. Life is not back to normal yet - fasting started and its kinda affecting my work. Need to work with it for another 2 more weeks and then life would return to normal I think.

I am planning a next trip to Dubai -  heard the prathas there are massive!! Hahah.

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