I am very pissed today.
Let me tell you why.

My kitchen sink -  sank.
It physically, over the years, because of the heavy pots and pans left in the sink - and gradually declined and sank. Ii was sort of hanging and then we cannot do much on it anymore.To make matters worse, years of water leakage had caused the cabinet to fall off its hinges.
I m not pissed about that.

So we got a contractor who said he will fix the cabinet, and the sink.
I m not pissed about that.

We signed the contract on a Sunday, not the last one, the one prior.
First we wanted to use the same sink.
Then we changed our mind and got the contractor to get a new single sink.
That sink came in when I was out for appointment somewhere last week.The same night, the appointed carpenter for the contractor came, took the measurements of the cabinet doors and took the broken one out and took it with him to check out if he can match the same.
Turns out he could not.
So that guy left 2 albums of color patches at our doorstep. We didn't even know it was there, till we opened the door to leave the house.
A day later I confirmed the color, the serial code of the color and sent him the pic of it to confirm.
I m not pissed about that as well.

Then the contractor called me and told me that he will be sending two teams of men - one to remove the plumbing and the other to hack the table top off from the main counter. He asked if I was available at home. He didn't want to bother when i was at work. So I said, I will be available at home on Tues and Wed.
We agreed on the arrangements he made.
He even sent a reminder via sms and called later to confirm.
I m not pissed about that.

Hubby and I were pleased with the process, happy that the contractor was on the ball.
Today -  as mentioned - at the appointed time (10am in the morning) -  the plumbers came.
Took out the tap, the pipes and left.
Not pissed yet.

10 mins later, the 2nd team came, and hacked the sink's counter top and left.
Not pissed yet.

5 hours later -  I got pissed.
I was effing pissed at myself.

This was what I expecting -  the two team would come and dismantle the pipes and tops. Then someone will come and fix the cabinet, the counter top and then the sink and we can continue with my mundane life as it is.
Turns out  - the schedule is longer than that.
And you know why I am pissed? Why didn't I effing find out about the actual schedule?? I am a effing project manager and I failed to check out the timeline.

Both me and TA thought it will take a day to complete the cabinet and the top -  I mean how stupid were we?? Its not as if hes changing the tap - he was changing the counter top as well.
Why were we this stupid?
Why this naive?
I just could not believe we failed to ask the question how long it will take to complete the whole damn thing.
I was so so pissed.

The contractor also got me pissed off -  when he didnt pick up the call on time or revert to the message. When he did, I asked when the sink will be up, he says that tonight, the cabinet will be up at about 7pm.
Tomorrow the carpenter will arrive for another measurement  -  this time for the sink top.
The sink top will be ready in another 3-4 days and he will let me know when its ready.
The date when it will all come together - was not mentioned.
He said I was rushing him.

I have no idea what to say. I have a bloody dishwasher -  I can wash the dishes - no issues. But -  leave the mess as it is for the next  - don't know how many days was eating me and the fact that I did not check this beforehand was killing me,
How could I be this stupid???
I am stupid -  at a certain range - but even this level today is a tad too far for me to digest.
And the fact that we never learnt our lessons from contractors during our past stints -  were another matter eating my head out!

Oh gosh. I am so really really pissed.

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