No change in life

Apparently my new hair style was not the only changes happening in my life ever since the last post.
I just didn't seem to have a topic to bitch about. Its that time of the year again when I have nothing to voice my opinion over and I have a bloggers block. I mean - how much can a person write about their mundane and boring life right? I managed to have  7 years worth of story only and I am already 37. That is all I managed.

Well  - lets bring y'all up to speed about the latest development of my life

My sister in law is in town. She is here for medical treatment for her chronic insomnia and will be returning back to her hometown in a couple of days.
Since the kids are not along in this trip, shes bored and counting days to go back home.
Totally understand that feeling

Next -  actually that's about it.

Oh wait -  I went on a green juice diet for 3 days last week. I lost 3 kgs and lost the interest in eating greens after that. I bought all the green super foods such as Kale ( took sometime to find that out), spinach, watercress, arugula, sprouts. Bought all the super seeds such as flax, pumpkin, sunflower and all the berries such as raspberry, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and topical foods such as pineapple, mango, oranges, apples, bananas, grapefruits,beetroots, avocados and etc. TA spent quite an amount on fruit shopping.

For the three days - I made smoothies out of it and drank it neat. I hated it., Really did. I dun drink sweet -  so no artificial sweeteners -  but I added all the greens I can. Lost 3 kgs - but that's it. But the times when i add mangoes and berries to the spinach-  they turned out awesome!

The only effect I have noticed so far -  was that I look fresh, ( maybe that's the haircut), and I feel better. And I cannot tolerate heavy foods anymore. 2 prathas and I am bloated. More than a bowl of rice - and I suffer stuffed tummy. I had to go to a birthday party last night - 2 glasses of soda and I am bloated. I ate half a small bowl of mac and cheese the day before -  I became drowsy and giddy. So I think my body has identified the food that makes me happy and what makes me out of balance.

I have not totally dumped green juice out. I drink about a litre of something green each day to not lose touch with it. Have yet to incorporate exercise routine into life -with that in place -  hopefully my periods will return.  They have been missing for almost 5 months now and my doctors are baffled as well. I am still not taking any pills to induce it -  I want it to come naturally.

Anyways -  that is all I can think of today. Its all about me today.
Of course I can talk about the boat people who were left stranded in the open seas with all 3 countries rejecting them. Its such a sad sad thing -  but hopefully something good comes out of this.

I have run out of topics to talk about. Kindly email to let me know what you think I should think of writing. The school holidays is coming up and I have nothing -  absolutely nothing to distract the kid from the evil android and the TV. 

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