Tiring week

I had this long post draft about having another child and the messages  I'm getting from the universe when I decided it was too much of a boring subject.
I am tired of almost everything.  Baby making, food and nutrition,Chinese medicine and tao, cooking and cleaning, working and teaching.
My mum's medical condition got ahead of her the whole of this week. Her very much delayed hernia operation took place last Thursday, the fourth day of her being in hospital. I, on the other hand, have been moving to and from hospital to my home to my kid's school. It's been tiring but thankfully I didn't have to be bothered about cleaning or cooking.  The Ansaris had their meals in the hospital as well.
She's back home now... My place actually.  I had to cajole, argue, debate and of course beg my mum to stay put at my place for the time being. She was being the indecisive person for an entire 24 hours duration.
Her team of doctors wanted her to stay put for another day till she was able to walk un aided since she lives alone with dad and has  no one to monitor her.  It was only after I told the docs that I was bringing her to my place, did they allow her to be discharged.  So I brought her home today and she's resting.
Been treating my place like a hotel these past few days. I leave home in the morning and be back at night just to sleep.
Thankfully again, work was not a killer nor were my colleagues.  Everyone were supportive.  Looks like when things go in the different direction God appears in different forms to guide us back to track. 

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