Mums better now

My Mum stayed with me for only 6 days. After which the temp help came to Singapore and since there was not enough place for the temp help to stay put -  mum packed up and left.

My sis and her kids along with my dad came on Friday to help my mum leave. My sister had trouble on the same day when her kids had to go to school and her youngest was sick and puking and she was at the KKH the whole night and she had to be the one to pick the temp help from the airport. So my sis had to go through a lot. A LOT

Anyways -  life is back to normal.
Sort of .

The only recent happenings in my life is my hair cut.
I cut it short. Like real short. Like where you can see my ears.
And my side burns all gone
And I look like a boy.
And I am happy with the look.
I feel comfortable and I get startled when I look at the mirror ( cos again..I look like someone who had a sex change operation)

My stylist wanted me to colour my hair a shade lighter as well - but hubby was against it.
Anyways - I am planning to colour it red here and there and I even have the hair coloring at home, but lack the time and the initiative to colour it. Wonder if I am going through some mid life crisis or something.

I m not going to post the pic of me here yet. Its in my Insta - but I feel that pic does not go justice to my hair look. So will update a really nicer one.

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