Is it worth the effort?

Like you all know..I'm no longer in Facebook. Hence my only place to get info and all is via the other social media such as instagram, twitter,mashables and Google plus.  As such I have been drawn to the art of cosmetic and nail painting. No..I'm not going to spend another monetary bomb learning it professionally... But I've been drawn to it.

As I check into more such tutorial videos from makeup artists.. I get to see many other videos as well..such as nail painting, hijab wearing and doing your face.

I do get pulled into all these things.  Recently I learnt something about contouring.  It's using two different shades of concealers to various parts of your face to highlight and downplay certain features in your face. Though the process is a messy and long one..It definitely makes a difference.  And the ladies seem to have the time to do it.
Now I'm not backstabbing them. As much as I would love to look beautiful... I have issues with layering my face with foundations and powders and concealers and then eye make up and making it look good and not turn up like the clown working in the nearest zoo. I have the interest but not the passion.

Why go through the effort to look like a model? Who should I be pleasing?  Why should I be spending hours colour coordinating my eye shadow colours and the attire I wear for the day? Why should I make the effort to don my hijab the stylish way? Basically the question is..who am I doing all these for?

I have heard my colleagues say that one must make an effort to look pleasing to the eyes of the spouse to ensure the longevity of the marriage.  I agree with that part. But we need to look pleasing... Not like a model!?

There must be some ladies out there who are really passionate about looking good and stylish all at the same time.  But there are some peasant people like me..who rather just apply talcum powder after a facial wash and move on. I have to look up to people,latest magazines and video tutorials to ensure I look pleasing to someone's eyes and not like a peasant. (I have no idea how a peasant looks like..maybe like me)

But seriously is the effort worth it? We have to shave our hairs all over the body to look neat and sexy. We have to exercise to ensure our waist does not sag and our thighs stay separate ( not so in my case). We have to ensure we are well made up,smelling nice like some kind of musk or flowers, we have to stay fashionable lest someone looks much better than us and grabs the attention of your spouse or other half. We have to moisturise our body every day and night after shower to ensure it stays soft to the touch. And look sexy by the end of the day...Not forgetting the cooking,cleaning and working for those unfortunate women without help. Is it really worth all the trouble?

Again...I agree that we should look pleasing and not like a man servant in the age of the British raj empire. I got that point. But if you do need to look good and all...Do you need to apply layers after layers of foundations, primer powder and what not? Why? Does your other half not like you in the face you sleep with?

What about those who dress for work and outside?  Who are you really trying to please? I blurted out to my boss one day that I didn't want to come to work cos I was tired of wearing makeup and dragging myself to work. He just replied on the spot by telling me not to wear makeup and he will not complain. I couldn't stop laughing when he said that!

I work behind my laptop at all times. I'm not a service staff. I know that ladies working in certain industries have to look the job. Service sectors like beauticians, spa,gym,air stewardesses..They all have to look good. No one would like to see a woman who looked as if she just woke up and reported to work in her pj's. That's exactly what I do.  So my question is...If you are not working in service sector and front line work and you are cooped inside the office for eight hours a day..who are you dolling up for?

Now let me tell you something.  I used to doll up and try to look pleasing and sexy not cos I liked it. Frankly speaking.. My wanted some boys to like me. I was not comfortable in my own skin. Though I was proud that I hardly wear makeup and still confident enough about my looks to get out of the house...I tired to do all that to look good enough to stand out from the thousands of girls.

I'm married now and of course the regime still continues...But it goes on for that one guy I married and for my son as well. Let's be frank here. Yes I do feel that I need to look alot slimmer than I am so that my son will not be embarrassed cos of me. And I have to look good enough as well. My son tells me if I look good in any attire.  Though at the end of the day I wear what I want to wear, I feel happy when he compliments me. So yes I like it when I look pleasing not to my very own eyes..But to others. I have a long way to go before I'm comfortable with my skin and my self esteem.  I have not got into the phase of being passionate about contouring my face and tying the hijab in ways I cannot fanthom.

Let's move with the flow.

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