You staring at me?

Have you ever got into a situation where you accidentally bumped into somebody and apologized - and that person looks at you one kind and walks off without anything?

Have you ever got into a cab and told your destination to a cabbie and he just moves on without a nod or a slight murmur that hes not deaf and dumb? And even after you have said your good byes -  they don't reply back? ( I can write an entire essay about cab drivers and their quirks - but not today)

Why is that so? Have you thought about that? Usually I'd think its race related. But then -  I have my doubts. I have said sorry profusely for incidents that were not caused by me -  and the other party just stares on. Are you trying to scare me to death by staring at me? Have you been stared at by my mother? You will be peeing in your pants you bloody bugger!

So why the stare? Do people actually think that the other person will be scared shitless by their small eyed stare? Like really? I have incidents in secondary school because of staring and I have been told not to stare at local indian teenagers who dress like weirdos with their lens less frames and stickly jean clad legs and un usual hairstyle. I mean - I love to stare like I do at the exotic animals in the zoo  - cos I don't get to see them in the streets. And because I have been out of touch with the local indian community and its crazy $&*^%$ fashion sense -  I just have to stare long enough for my brains to accept what my eyes see. Its like the tiny brain in my head refuses to accept what my small eyes is telling it you know?

In France - staring is a given. They sit and stare at you. If I do that -  I will be whacked to death by the local teenagers. Don't ask why -  it just happens.

So if you happen to be in Singapore -  and you are not an action hero -  and you want to go back home in the same body you came in -  don't stare too long. Maybe a 5 seconds look and then when you are away at a safe distance some more staring is allowed. But not more than 5 seconds. So there you go - my one useful safe tip when you are in Singapore.

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