Tuition... My foot!

My weekend was great.  Fantastic to the point that I think this year is a wonderful and beautiful birthday year.  Lots of treats, surprises and gifts. Thanks alot for that.

At the moment of typing this post out via my mobile app, I'm at home recovering from a sudden bout if weakness and fever which I think came about cos I was out half the day...But still not sure why I'm falling sick when all I did was be in the library and complete reading my novel. 

Raihaan is about to finish his first term of school.. Amazing how nine weeks just went by. So far I think he's ok. Like I have said plenty of time before,I'm not so much into monitoring what he does in school... My focus is sports wise..Not book wise. His swimming is going well and he will be going through swimming test the end of next week.

Talking about school did you know my boy requested to send him for tuition to help him in his mother tongue subject?  I was kind of surprised he knew what a tuition was in the first place.  Upon enquiring more about his request I found out that this request was put in by his tamil teacher. It was a message sent to me via him.

To frankly tell you the truth I was pissed.  Properly pissed will be the right word. Well I'm not boasting when I say that I had great marks in tamil for my psle and scored distinction for my o levels and my hubby is a proper tamil poet. We know how and when to send out kid to tuition if the need be.

But that's not the reason I'm pissed. You see..a teacher is supposed to help her students learn. I'm sending my child to school so that the professionals can do a better job at it. Why the need for a tuition if the teacher is doing what's she's supposed to do?Who the hell gives tuition for a primary one kid? Are you kidding me?

I mean come on!!  She sent a message to my kid asking me to arrange tuition for his tamil...On what basis? Is he doing his PhD in tamil history and he got his historical figures and dates wrong?? Bullshit.

I told him to tell his teacher that I will not get any tuition for him. If she talks more I told him to report to me. If she can't get him to understand basic tamil characters that's her problem. They damn sure would have a parent teacher meeting... I am so looking forward to meeting his MT teacher and give her my six school fees dollars worth of opinion.

Pfft... Tamil tuition... To my own offspring.  It's like telling a baby fish to go for a swimming class.

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