Too many pics

Its not a joke when people say that when you have your first child you are ultra careful with him/her and by the time the 3rd of 4th child appears -  you become so lax- you are sure they will grow by themselves. It really is true.

For example -  I have a habit  - like so many millions of people - of taking pictures. I take pictures of lovely colorful food I cook and eat, books I read and store, places I go to, events that I attend and of course my family members and so on.  I have folders and folders of such digital pictures that I have organised over the years, categorized by things, events and people and then by year. As such -  since I still have the Samsung account tagged with Dropbox -  all my pictures taken by my Sony mobile phone - automatically transfers over to Dropbox  without the need to have a manual transfer. Since they all just transfer over the Drop box - I still have to categorise them according to my folders and then later on -  I will transfer them over to my hard disc. One day -  I will put that hard disc in a safety locker.

Anyways -  I just checked the folder -  I have 6306 files in that pic folder. From 2013. The one named Raihaan -  has 500 items. Again -  this is just from 2013. Why that many for a kid?

Will it be the same amount for my next one ( still in the process people -  do not get excited)? I had pre-pregnancy, post pregnancy, baby, toddler, child, young kid - pics of Raihaan  -  its like I documented my son's progress in life since he was 5 week embryo old. ( yes -  I have that scan image with me). Heck -  I even have a blog!! But will it be the same for the next child? Will I actually take pics and save the scan? Will I actually spend SGD1K over professional natural family photo shoots - (which I did twice for Raihaan)  -for the next one?

Will I be able to bring the child to Paris and Europe again? If i don't will I be branded as a unfair mother?

Actually -  they are all questions to a problem that has not existed in the first place. Why should I be in need of a solution for a problem that has not existed in the first place??  But moral of the story? Don't take too many pics.

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