March Endings

Since we are still mourning the loss of our founding Father till Sunday and because the National TV and papers are all about the legacy he left behind and the fact that I have issues reading and hearing the same thing over and over again -  I will like to write my own thoughts  about this and the highlights of this week.

I do not want to go through LKY's history. There are lots of websites, papers, books, news, posts and feeds dedicated to this one man. What I am thoroughly amazed is the respect this man has gained all over the world. For someone who didn't give a damn about what the world thinks of him, he sure has lots of ardent fans all over the globe. From soccer clubs, to VVVIPs. One point to note: my very favorite comedy actor Mr Vivek -  took leave from his day of work and flew down to Singapore to pay his respects and Q'd to meet him as well!!  He deserves our respect.

What I am surprised is that the love Singaporeans have for queuing up. I know we can Q -  but for 10 hours? You see - I am not questioning those who turned up to pay their respects to him - they have all the good intentions, and not to say those who didn't go -  people like me - have evil intentions. Of course not -  we just choose our own way to pay our respect. What LKY would want is to move on. Don't waste time on stuffs like this and move on. Yes - he would like if we pay respect -  but I don't think he'd want us to waste time on it. For a man who did not grant us a day of leave from school and work for his death -  do you think he'd like to have us waste time waiting to bow when we see his coffin? If he could - he would have chased us away!! RIP sir.

Oh but another good thing about people queuing up -  many places are free from the crowd. The usual spots such as fast food chains, malls,buses -  nearly free. I went to McDees to get food for RA and I was surprised the whole small joint had only 2 customers! At that time of the day  - I hardly get a spot to stand - let alone sit! Haiz -  its at time like these I really wish there were not so many people in Singapore. Its nice to see so many places without the crowd.

Next -  I heard that teenagers were besides themselves and were very depressed over a guy.
Apparently this boy happened to be a part of a very famous boy band ( something Direction - though which direction is is - I'm not sure.) Zayn Malik I heard. I like the name and the boy looks cute and all - but hes not Backstreet Boys -  so why the hoo haa? Teenagers. Seriously.

On Tuesday -  a German-Wings plane crashed into the French Alps- killing all 149 passengers and crews. And today -  investigations have proved that there was no terrorism link or anything like that. The co - pilot got them all killed on purpose. He was depressed and was going through some shit of his own   but I guess he decided to end his life - forgetting that there were other innocent people on board as well. *

I feel terrible for the people who lost their children or spouses or family and friends. They lost their precious ones to a meaningless incident. Someone had a mental issue -  and that -  caused ripple effect to over so many many unrelated and innocent people. My deepest condolences to the family and friends of those affected.

Next -  talking about condolences -  I have to extend that to Team India who did not make it to the finals this year - thus they lost the cup this year. But because we are talking about Cricket and Indian's common religion is cricket -  I tell you - its sad to their reactions. Really is. Though I predicted that India will not pass Aussies in the Semi finals, I was really hoping they'd win. They did really well and all. Well - you win some, you lose some That's part and parcel of being in any thing in life, Be it sports, or life.

 But then -  India is so big - and though there are so many great thinkers, educators, and smart people -  there are more illiterate people there too. Some idiot cut off his tongue to invoke divine interventions from the gods to help the cricket team win.** I m pretty sure no one in Australia will cut any part of his body to invoke God's diving intervention to help them win in any game though.

Some idiots -  zoomed on to a famous Indian actress when a player got balled out. I mean -  come on! Shes there to support her guy - and whats the big deal in this?  But then still -  this is cricket. India's common religion and I do not have the capability to talk about the depth of passion these people have for this sport. Its better to not talk about something that I am not so good at. But when you read about their reactions -  all the more you will raise your eyebrow and shake your head ( the same way Kohli shook his head when he was playing against Bangladesh).

Well  - again -  I feel sad that India lost the cup- but its not the end of life. Another 4 more years to bring up  an even better form.

Apart from the above - I have nothing else to comment or voice out about. But I would like to end with a reflection that people come and go. Things happen every micro seconds in a day. We have to enjoy each and every minute of it -  you never know when you life will be blown out.

*   -  Germanwings flight 4U9525 crash: Co-Pilot had 'personal life crisis', girlfriend problems
** -  India v Australia: Cricket World Cup 2015 semi-final defeat sparks amazing reaction in India

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