Happy Birthday to me

I intend to take just 15 minutes to write down today's post -  for I wasted considerable amount of time working on testing the cosmetics I bought for myself ( that will be a post of itself soon)

Yesterday I turned 36 - or somewhat started the 37th year of my life. Time is passing me by more than ever. The event  itself was a beautiful peaceful one.

Hubby and kid surprised me with a beautiful creamy fluffy cake from B&S in the morning ( which I selected the night before and bought it home). I was just out from shower -  and didn't have the time to put on new clothes and makeup and look hip. Nope - it was in my home wear and I had the cake. Oh! Such a lovely cake. 

Anyways - I met up with Mum -  and she bought me 2 Pandora Red ruby charms. Pics as below.
Charms in the box

The complete set on my wrist
After which -  I treated her lunch at her favorite restaurant and had good lunch. And then a good solid shopping trip at Big Box where I bought one more money plant along with the pots and soil to top up the supply I already had. TA then completed the night out with dinner from Papa Rich. All in a all a very good day indeed. 

There were lots of people who remembered my birthday -  even when I am no longer in Face book... I had to answer around 56 contacts who wished me in Skype. I was impressed that even Google knew it was my birthday ( actually I am pretty sure they know more about me and my habits than I know). My ex colleague Divya called and wished me in the morning -  something I totally didn't expect and was heartfelt.  It was nice. I also just took time off blogging to call my pal Tiaku and reminded him that he forgot my birthday for which he came up with some technical reasons why he forgot. 

Gifts from hubby is cash prize -  which I used to settle my credit card due. He also did give me extra funds to purchase new cosmetics and stuffs ( which was in part thanks to my friend Nisa who took her time to follow me shopping and give out her opinions - thanks babes). So like I said - all in all -  a very nice event in deed.
Gifts I bought myself thanks to hubby's funds and Pandora from mum

Breakfast the day before at Paul's

Desert at Pauls

Anyway thanks alot for your well wishes. I have to ciao now. Will write more meaningful and less of me posts soon enough.

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