Good Bye Mr Lee.

Sunday was the last day we as Singaporeans say our good byes to our Founding Father.
As such -  I didn't want to miss the only last time I can say my thanks and good byes to him. So off we went to the tribute centre in Jurong East -  gave my respects and thanks.
Then -  we went over to the University Cultural Centre  -  at the Clementi Road-  at about 2 hours before he was supposed to come. And the best part -  it rained. It rained so heavily and it rained long. It was like along with us -  the heavens were also crying or something.

It rained twice the 2 hours we were there. There were so many people waiting along side us. And I read later on -  there were 100,000 people waiting all the way from Padang to the UCC. And no one left the spot they reserved for 2 hours.

Captured from within the poncho

Right after the heavy rain

RA keeing himself entertained

During the rain

The road behind us after we left

Thats his casket  -  pic courtesy of my friend

It was a beautiful day. I am really glad -  that I managed to finally say my thanks to him as he passed us by. A really sad and emotional day

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