About Tao.

I discovered a book by chance in the library. Check out the beginning below:

Although man took control of the family, village, economy, religion and state, he still found himself at women's mercy in bed  -  I had to laugh when I read this.

No amount of human artifice can mask or alter the fundamental facts of Tao. Hence, there arose a deep contradiction between man's artificial social superiority and his genuine sexual inferiority vis-a-vis woman, and this gave way to the battle of the sexes that still rages in most boudoirs today. It also explains the deep fear and resentment that many men harbor towards women, despite women's supposed 'inferiority'. 'Macho' men simply cannot face the fact that women are sexually superior, nor do they dare admit the realities of their own inherent sexual ignorance.

It is a good beginning of a chapter aptly named " The Tao of Sex". Its just one of the many chapters of the book titled: " The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity -  A Modern practical approach to the Ancient Way" by Daniel Reid. 400 pages. Extremely small fonts all over with diagrams and pictures all in black and white.

I have read the Health portion. Really really good. Just started on the Sex chapter. Oh don't be prude - I am married and licenced to read anything about it. Will share tips if I find any!! (wink!) What I mean is- I will completely read and re read each line in each chapter and will digest, compress and compact and give out a review on it some time soon. Ciao peeps

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