A month of many things

This month's been a lot of things. The Cricket World Cup is going on. No -  its not the insect - its the sports. And to all ignorant people out there who hadn't married anyone from India, Pakistan, Afganistan, UAE,Bangladesh, Colombo, England, Ireland,Scotland West Indies, Australian, New Zealand and Zimbabwe - you need to know that Cricket is a sport -  played by the above mentioned nations. And this is a lot more like World Cup for Soccer -  but just more specialized and lots of number related. I know a bit technique wise - but I know more about the handsome players.

Its also the first anniversary of the missing Malaysian Airlines plane MH370. My heart goes out to the family members of those who were missing. We all know by now that the missing are now presumed dead -  but I still feel that they need the closure  - something that will enable them to move on. Its sad  - really is. There had been a point in my life where I was in state of chaos when my then former boyfriend went AWOL. No phone call, no messages and nothing. I expected the worst of course. But then, I needed to know to be able to move on. 11 years on -  I still shudder when I think of the pain I went through for 3 months. I just cannot begin to comprehend the pain these family members go through. Do they move on or wait? Are they widows and widowers or orphans? The status is just not clear. Its easier said that done when you tell them to move on -  but based on my experience -  they never do. They might move on maybe to the next phase in their life -  but not mentally. The "what if" scenario will always be there.

Its the Women's day thingy as well. Have written my thoughts about gender inequality in earlier post. I am still seeing articles about celebrities talking about it, articles about how there are little women CEOs compared to the men out there, how little women IT staff are there in the famous Internet companies like Google and Microsoft. Well -  be strong my ladies -  we are doing well. We will soon prevail like we always have.

This month also marks the 50th anniversary of the Selma March*. Its got nothing to do with us asians of course -  but I liked the story behind it.
See - people have never been kind to the people who are dark. Thats the baseline of the entire story. Actually this does not happen just in western history - its the same in Indian history as well. Many people just dont like people who are dark. They prefer fair and white.

Apparantly -  the whites ( I think its the British -  since the Americans were like the sub set of British) went looking for new land for resources like they always do in history and found Africa -  full of natural and human resources. They were shipped out of their homeland to some new land and were sold off as slaves to cotton farm owners mainly in Southern America. You should read Gone with the Wind to understand the time line. Families has been separated, wife from husband, mother from child. Anyway - they suffered long and hard. They were considered untouchables like how the lower caste people in India were treated.

They were then segregated. They had their own places to live, school to go to and hospitals to be in. They were not allowed to mingle with the whites. They are not supposed to sit in the same bus as the whites. If they are -  and a white person comes in - they are to give up their seat and stand or get off the bus. Anyway  - you can see more on this in the Movies Slaves and Lee Daniel's "The Butler' to get the picture.

So the Selma March is actually a march that took place from a starting point in Selma, Alabama to the capital city of Montgomery. The purpose of it was to ensure that African American can exercise their constitutional rights to vote. Remember people -  they were at that time living in a segregationist society. Yet -  they wanted the right to vote. So they marched. The reason this march is also remembered because the march was stopped and the people were beaten up by police and others. One person even died. But they didn't give up - they marched on and ended up giving the petition to the local governor there. The march had roughly 25,000 people. The result -  the Voting Act was passed months later. The Voting Act prohibit racial discrimination in voting. The act itself has been called the most effective piece of civil rights legislation ever passed by Congress

Dr Martin Luther King was for the African Americans as Mahatma Gandhi was for the Indians. For me - I think our founding Father LKY is for Singapore. There are the numbers of people who oppose him and what he represents. I have heard cabbies talk about the policies brought in, I have heard educators talking badly about the current system of allowing foreigners into the country.

No matter what -  can you do what that man did for this country? No you cannot. Thats why you are driving a cab. Thats why you are doing teaching. If you were that capable -  you would be running this island. You are only capable of complaining and whining away. The youngsters are complaining because their parents are complaining. The youth of 50 years before were much more of activist. They knew the political arena well. There were people who wanted to do good for the country. LKY was one of them. So what if he separated us from the Big Brother? We have come so far up without them. They would only be pulling us down in the name of Bumiputras.

I honestly say I know nothing about politics, because I m not cut out for it and I have nothing against the way the country is run. Is the apartment building I am clean? Are the town councils doing the work that I am paying them for? Are my funds save in the bank that I trust? Are my retirements funds save in the CPF that's been there since I started working which also funded  my apartment that I am? Am I able to find a job without being discriminated for my color and religion? Is my son accepted in school without being bullied racially? Is my family doing well? Am I getting clean drinking water from the tap? Is my local minister looking into my petitions and the welfare of the estate? That is what I am bothered about. I don't care about anything else.

When we moved into Teban -  there was only 2 bus service to the central and the nearest ATM was 10 mins walk away. After we talked and contributed ( not only me -  there were a lot of people as well) we had 2 more bus services not only to the central but to Clementi as well, 2 more ATMS  just next to us and a lift for individual floors. What I am concerned is if the people are looked after by the ministers we voted for. And thats what they are paid for. They are the highest paid in the world.

I agree that the influx of foreigners are troubling - but they are capping it. And I can see it. So instead of complaining - I rather wish these people will see what else can be done to improve the country and be thankful to the man and his team for bringing up this small island to where it is now and bring out more talented young kids to run the nation in future. Where are we doing that?

I have went off topic again. Sorry about that.
Anyways - I have to start on work now.

Oh wait -  another bit of announcement to make: My Super mom friend and her family is on a show called "Balik Kampung" under the Azimullah family. I think this airs every Sunday with the participants taking part in the challenge. So please watch it-  and vote for them. Its on Sundays 9.30pm.Watch it in Toggle if you missed it.

Ciao and Jaime

*Selma March : http://m.whitehouse.gov/issues/civil-rights/selma

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