What if?

Imagine I was found unresponsive in my apartment. What would the detectives think when they go through my apartment?

They would first check the door  and look for signs of forced entry first. They could be none.So if I have let someone in - I should know them. But it could be someone I hardly know too -  the guy from NEA comes in every 3-6 months to check if I am breeding mosquitoes in my toilet and balcony. I let him in. Well to think of it - hes the only one I ever let him in. Or the perpetrator followed me just when I was opening my door and letting myself in. So it could be someone I know. They would check out the NEA and find out if anyone came surveying my area today.
They would check my neighbours opposite and ask if they saw anyone near my house -  anyone who looks suspicious. They would have seen none -  cos they always have their door and gate closed -  so no chance of seeing anyone near anywhere.

Then they will look into my interiors. First I think they will look at the mess on my hall table. Piece of jigsaw all around -  arranged according to colour but not completed yet - maybe around 60% more to complete. They check and dust for fingerprints and they could only find three. Majority will be mine- since I hardly get anyone to help me out with the puzzle.

Then they will check my balcony -  will notice the running shoes and thread mill and the small so called plants and the clothes hanger. The soil is dry -  slightly -  so no watering was done for the day. And the clothes are dry -  not hot dry -  but just nice - and so they know that the clothes would have been out to dry a day before not more than 2 days.

The bedroom -  nicely done. Sheets not changed for at least 2 days. Toilets not cleaned.
The study room -  two tables. The big L- shaped mahogany table has a laptop and a tv screen beside it. No other stuffs on the table except for picture frame, some ring notebooks, home telephone, table light and calender. Most of the stationery rests on another cabinet top -  just to the left. All of it. Nothing harmful like penknife or sharp objects found. The other table -  comes joined to the bed set - still the same. Mostly assessment books and papers and drawings -all from the boy. Bed has been untouched for a long time. They will find out that the boy sleeps in with the parents in the master bedroom.

They will note the laundry basket there -  almost empty and will note that laundry has been completed. They will again dust for fingerprints. They will note huge collections of books behind the door. All tightly packed against each other -  all well read and earmarked.
They will notice the floor -  dusty.

They will check the kitchen. They will open the fridge-  will take out the contents. Anything harmful there? Any poison? They will find dishes still in the basin - ants all around. Dishes not washed perhaps for a day. Counter top -  clean and clear. Stove top -  clean and clear off pots and pans. No cooking done -  evident from the clean up. Kitchen table  -  no food -  nor containers. Just empty serial boxes. Dryer -  empty. Washer - clothes -  mostly towels. Wet - but drying out. So it confirms laundry was done a day before.

They would check the husband out. Find out where he was when my body was found. He says he was at work. He received call from the bus auntie that I wasn't around to pick up the kid. Hence she called me - but I am obviously not responding so she called the next of kin. Hubby then called his mother in law-  my mum who immediately came to the bus stop and picked kid up. Bus auntie's number was found in my mobile as missed calls along with my mother's and hubby's and office's. A total of 20 missed calls for the day. Mum forgets to bring along my house key - hence she waits for hubby to return from office - which takes 20 mins since he came via cab. He meets them both at the bus stop and heads to the apartment. He finds them locked as usual. He uses his set of keys and enters into the dark apartment and switches on the lights. He was the one who found my body.

His story is then verified - by the bus auntie and the Mother in Law and the son who was not picked up on time.

They will check hubby's work, his nature of work, his history and motive to see if he had any hand in this case. So they say they will contact him and return to their investigations. Apparently at this stage -  my mother would have passed out or went ballistic. They will check my insurance, the details, my work, what I did for living. They will find big  help in my blog since its always open for public. They will go through 7 years worth of blog to find out if there was something off in my life. There is usually something off in everyone's life. So they will dig and find out -  usually nothing in my case.

They will then check out my office. They will contact my boss and tell him that I was found so and so and find out if I was ok - what my nature of job was -  when was I seen last- how was I? Was I ok? My boss will be shocked - of course and so will my colleagues ( I hope - well at least I am not picturing them celebrating it with pizza and wine bottles!) Then the police thanks them stand up to leave when my boss asks them how I was killed. They will look confused for a moment and then they will say that -  I was not killed at all. I was found unconscious. I was not murdered. In fact -  I seemed to have hit my head against my laptop after a  fruitless training with some agents- apparently not happy and impatient. But the force was so great -  I went into a coma.

In fact -  they already have completed their investigations -  they just wanted to tie up some loose ends as to why I would be found with my head on the laptop -  with tears on my eyes -  and the Skype on with lots of bright yellow questions pinging away on the screen.

I better go and wash the dishes and the toilet.

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