Valentines 2015

Almost as a policy -  the Ansaris - mainly TA and me - celebrate and thoroughly enjoy being with each other from Friday nights all the way to Saturday before we pick up the kid.

As such - my Friday ended well with me meeting TA and RA at his school ( tea session at the school and TA attended it). A small meetup with my mum and the clan at West Coast while TA went back home to leave his bag and dress down to something warmer for the movies. We had a nice dinner at Zaffrons and then movies.

We watched Kingsman -  The secret Service for the night. Actually I didn't have an idea what the movie was about, nor have I watched the trailer -  but TA wanted to watch it. So instead of checking out the other two contenders "Yennai Arinthal" and "Mortdecai" -  we went for this.
So far so good - if you like mindless violence and Colin Firth. I like Colin Firth. Have embed the trailer for you to check it out.

And today -  Valentines Day.
We don't usually spend Valentines Day with much celebration here -  sometimes a nice quiet dinner -  and at times, a treat here and there. This one this year was nice. We woke up to a late start in the morning ( late night the day before cos of the movies), headed to Ayer Rajah Food Market for the Pratha and Chaiyya ( I didn't like it -  too oily) and then a small walk to our former house in 510 and then hubby wanted to go to J.Point to replace the faulty remotes for the tv. So off we went.

Being a start of the festive week ahead (Chinese New Year this coming week people!) the malls were crowded with people selling all kind of Chinese biscuits, sales and whatnot. TA surprised me with a beautiful bouquet -  with my fav blue roses and the latest book of Jack Reacher " Personal". Then a small lunch and back home. Simple and nice. My type. I also bought my mum a small key chain.

You see -  over the years -  especially after marriage and some years into it -  small trivial days like Valentines -  does not impact much in my life. Sure it was hell of a thing when I was a teenager and as a young adult -  but it somehow does not matter much when I am older. What is so special about it? When I was young - I thought the gifts were the highlights - the most important of all. People all around say its celebrating love.

We Muslims don't celebrate much festivities compared to a lot of people. And Valentines is no exception -  but we sort of give our loved ones some fancy chocolates on that day -  just to show them we love them. I mean -  we do love them all time - but that one day is a day where we show our love. As such - married people do not need a special day to indicate love at a large scale I think. If you are appreciative enough of your spouse or partner every single day you are with them -  that is Valentines every single day.  I sound old don't I?

I mean, I used to love parading around with huge bouquets in the public - today I just wanted TA to hide it in the bag he bought it in ( I was forced to hold it baby style for three hours in public - I had a lot teenagers looking at me today!) I don't need to have that bunch of flowers wrapped up in many shades of blue paper and pink ribbon to know my Man loves me. I know it when he looks at me. I know it when he talks to me or when he holds my hands.We are a bunch of very normal simple couple -  we fight, we argue, we have days and months in between where we don't talk. There are months where TA has not had dinner from home too. When we are not synced - we are different. We become like room mates. But when we are synced -  we are ok.

Overall -  hubby and I went through epic battles within and with each other and with everyone around us - to be together. We are the exact opposites of everything -  physically and mentally ( including spiritually, and psychologically if you want to add those in as well) -  but we are the best of friends. I am absolutely lost without him. You can consider me dead without my son of course -  but without TA - I am absolutely lost. I think I have come to a stage or phase in my life where I am very sure that I don't need to celebrate Valentines anymore ( no matter how cheap the roses are or how nice the love package looks like!)  -  because I am living the life I wanted and dreamed Alhamdulilah and this is good enough for me.

My surprise flowers

reliving nostalgic moments near our old crib
So for everyone else out there -  Happy Valentines Day to you and may you spread love to your loved ones. Leaving with pics taken for the day. Ciao -  Jaime.

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