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Yeay!!!! I am watching Vettai 3!!!

First of all  - its sad that I cannot find the first 16 episodes of Vettai 3.
And I just started watching episode 17 and now in the midst of 18.
I will not focus on the music yet-  so far the background music is ok. Since I started only at Episode 17 -  I only know that some accused died and a girl is missing. Nothing much. The characters of the ops team - are the same except for one extra staff - no idea what her name is.

Anyways -  so far - only two episodes.
Storyline - I am interested to see where its going -  something about kidnapping, girls missing. Good so far.
Makeup -  Apart from the girl Diana -  the rest of them have ok makeup
Acting  - So far so good -  like I said only 2 episodes.
The tamil they speak -  except for Seelan and the guys -  the young girls have a crazy Singaporean slang. Like they came from US -  and all.
The dialogues are pretty realistic.
Mugi is still cute, Shiva is still serious and handsome - the other guy -  not much yet.

Anyways -  once I am done watching - I will review and come up with more.

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