Lack of common sense everywhere

Not sure if its me or it happens to everyone else too. I have a twitter account -  opened years ago. But because I am not a micro blogger -  I hardly do anything in it except to check out feeds from CNA and other news channel.

Once I deactivated my Facebook account ( yes I did. You will not find me there) to ease my cold turkey slowly -  I frequented Twitter and Instagram more than ever. More pics -  more tweets. But then the feeds I were getting were actually getting to me.

Check out the feeds I get:

Missed her voice on radio? @iamjamieyeo is returning to deejay for Gold90.5FM in March

Should more celebs speak out about their experiences with #infertility and #IVF? Share with us! @TheFertilityDrs

I really don't give a damn who's on the radio - as long as I hear some good songs and some good stuffs. I also don't give a damn about celebrities who have infertility issues-  when it does nothing to mine knowing they are having issues with it too.

So why do they come up with such stupid news? I don't know.
Then there's the celebrities tweet -  I have them up cos its nice to know that they have a normal life too -  and I only have a few maybe less then 5 or 6. Don't know myself. And at times the comment they give - is more absurd than the news itself.

To escape from normal lives ppl see cinema. It is fantasy. Silly when ppl expect ultra "realism" in films. You want real? See a documentary.
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Check out the one above. That's a classic.
This is from a talented new young Tamil movie comedienne whose family is into this movie industry.

First of all -  people do watch movie cos like she said its a fantasy. But hey -  if that means I have to digest the fact that an old man is acting like a young adult and doing flight and flying scene with girls half the age of his daughter -  then ok I will accept it. But babes -  that's not my fantasy -  that's some old actor's fantasy and his director's fantasy. Not mine. I watched one recently and I slept halfway and laughed like mad at the ending and it was not even a comedy sketch at all.

Movies for fantasy -  should have the genre clearly stated in the poster itself or during the trailer itself. Like "Aayirathil Oruvan" or "Hobbits" or "Lord of the Rings" or the movies with the blue aliens -  not smurfs -  the other one -  which won lots of awards -  can't remember the name. They are fantasy too. I pay money to see movie magic -  so I pay to watch Hobbits and what not -  that's clearly defined as Fantasy.

But movies teach a lot to normal people. Police movies, suspense thrillers, action packed movies, romance -  so many. I learnt a lot of stuffs from movies - good movies that bring in reality into it. I mean come on!! How hard can it be? The movie "I" talked about virus, 'Anniyan" was about multiple personality disorder, Indian cultural norm, bribes, '7am Arivu' about long forgotten Indian culture and technology and of course genetics, 'Kathi' was about the issues Indian villagers face, "Enthiran"- about technology, mandroid and what happens when robots start to feel and so many many more. I admit there's a teeny weeny bit of non reality here and there - but that's ok. We normal people overlook that pretty fast when the story is good and solid. We even leave the theater thinking and talking about the movie.

We review the movies. Whoever said that a person with a PhD and good literary sense with a notepad and pen should be the one writing a review?? Whoever who paid a good solid amount of money to watch any movies-  is entitled to his/her worth of say. I can review - you can review - heck even the children can review. There is no such certification allowing only certain people with powerful and strong English grammar to review. If I like it -I have my own review, If I don't -  i won't review. What I like - my hubby will not like and vice versa -  but that shouldn't be an issue at all.

If we start watching documentary - young idiots like her will not have people to support the movie industry. We will start glorifying documentary directors as well. They have a much harder time than these movie directors.

Maybe I should take these people out from my tweet and follow someone who tweets more about common sense.

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