Caught up and updated on V3

I may have said these more than once -  but I will say it again -  I am so proud of my self! If I want to do something - I am getting it done. If you are thinking about the kitchen -  sorry people -  I didn't go that far. Didn't move my butt at all.

I caught up with my all time fav local Tamil serial Vettai 3  -  all in one day - thanks to something called catch-up tv. All 26 episodes of it. I know. I am either too free - or too committed. Either way - I did it!! I am up to date with this serial!!

I have raved about this serial for a long time - hence I will not bore you with the details. Some of you may not like the local drama and would prefer the soapy Sun TV serials ( I have no personal agenda against them -  just saying) -  if you do -  then you can skip this post. But again -  have said it many times before -  the local Tamil drama -  is doing lots of stuffs and they are improving leaps and bounds. Am proud of them.

But because I am naturally not a committed person -  I cannot rave too much or dwell too much about this serial. I have no idea what the actual actor's names are, I am not following the FB or Twitter account or anything media wise for this serial. Even if they showcase the last 5 episodes in the big-screen  -  I am pretty sure I will not go -  though I love to be there and support them (unless they give me 3 free tickets for it) So not much details from me.

But then -  lets focus on the obvious. I saw a new comer -  and his role name was Karan/Shakthi. OMG hes another rajboy!!! I was totally hooked when I saw him on the screen. He looked like a vague version of Tamil movie hero Suriya. Hes short, dark, angry, and so so good looking. Hes my new Rajboy I tell you. That fellow will go far in this local industry.

Lets focus on what I think are the minus points

Makeup -  By this time - I was so used to their faces -  I just couldn't spot a heavily made up face. Sorry.

Characters -  Again -  the creator or producer -  wanted the team to have their personal life mess ups interfering in the work and how it affects the group dynamics and all. I would hope that by now - they would have move on from there and focus on something else. This time Shiva and Meera were pathetic -  they didn't interest me.

It would have been great -  if the team did some work like Sherlock Holmes or something -  I don't know how to explain this part -  maybe think 5-6 steps ahead - use skills of deduction to come up with a point - something like that. So far - they are all coming up with ideas and theory as a group during their meeting and brainstorming. Its like -  are all police like that?? No idea. They should read more Jack Reacher.

Next -  I have seen enough crime dramas to know that you cannot be involved in case when there's a personal interest in it. A fellow is caught and the ex supposed to be son in law is interrogating him - I mean come on! Hes not allowed in this case the moment that fellow is a suspect. Its only after interrogating him, Mugi's senior calls him and tells him to back off. Either the scenes were not in sequence -  or I saw it wrong. But I have been watching episodes after episodes-  so I know I didn't miss any of it.

Next -  usually scenes that does not interest me - I will hit the forward clicking thing on the screen. I had to do that when it comes to the apparent romance between the newcomer Maha and Shiva -  which I think its child play cos -  again - COMEON!!! You are a bloody cop and you have no idea that babe is interested in you??? How did you become a detective?

I am ok with most of the episodes. The story line is still good and interesting and I like it. Except for Mugi -  the rest are all so glum and serious. I know its a serious drama and all -  but still comedy once in a while to break the tension will do wonders for the viewers. So the role Mugi -  hes good, natural, an exact reflection of a Singaporean Indian guys who's street smart and I like him. The best so far.

And the girl called Reshma -  she can act. But then -  one thing I am confused is this. The girl was kidnapped in Mumbai, raped and humiliated and 'escaped' -  and she went home straight? What confused me was -  she was reported missing to the police and she was brought to the Consulate of whichever country she was ( I got confused there cos the lady who helped her was speaking in Singaporean accent -  so I got lost not knowing where she was hidden). So the police were not notified that shes back - and they were not allowed to see her as well. The first place she goes is to a bar and get herself drunk. Maybe I am too old to understand a kidnapped and abused teenager's psychology. Did anyone think of arranging counselling for her and her family? I don't think so.

Another thing I noticed -  when the actors are having food -  esp at home -  the food variety is little and all they eat is a small handful of rice.I have seen a lot of people eat rice using their right hand and they don't eat like that....small handfuls and little variety on the table.

The team's individual office tables are so neat. I ever heard from a ex cop I once dated that they were always neck deep with paper reports. Guess 12 years later - they are all doing it electronically.Table is too neat for a police officer. I am a housewife -  and my table aint that neat.

How come their pc screen is always set to MS Words? Don't they have their own system to file reports?

Why are the team always talking about their secondary school days? Didn't any one of them went to Poly or University? None of them talked about their education past Secondary school - maybe they all went to NPCC in secondary school and then became a cop soon after.

Music -  I have to admit- the background scores are wonderful. But unlike V2 -  this time I cannot handle the theme song for V3. Its like metal graunching one another...sorry -  but I always move my cursor to the 2nd minute so that I can avoid listening to the opening song.

Ok -  so I noticed too much. Sorry about that. Anyways - I will not be watching any more serials till V3 ends -  so till then - I promise I will not rave about V3.

My overall ratings  for now will be 3/5.

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