Birthday week

I have been down with sore throat from the 15th of Feb and then came down with the entire flu and cough package a day later. After seeking medical attention, along with the medications, we went down for our small trip to Desaru -  a 4 night trip. We came back on Sun - exactly a week after my sore throat sabotage - and I am still not well. It seems as if I have been ill forever.

I am not going to talk too much about my trip. It was a small trip. I have been there like 9 years ago - Saddam Hussein was put to hang that last night I was there. This time - no one passed away on our last night. Only three words -  too much people. I didn't enjoy this time. Not at all -  so not going to post much about it.

As mentioned earlier -  I am still recovering -  back pain, lower back pain, headaches and coughs are a common feature at the moment. Did I mention I was tired? Oh gosh - I am tired so much -  I am tired thinking about it.

Anyway peeps  - my birthday is coming up next week! Yeah!! 

I went through my blog to see if I had any happening blog posts on my birthday -  but it seems that I always downplayed my special day a lot.

Hubby has asked for my special B day wish and I asked for a new iPhone. I mean - someone is asking for what I want - might as well come up with something extravagant right? I am still into year 1 of my contract ( Sony Xperia Z2) -  so I need to pay SGD500 for a top up charge. Asked hubby to top it up so that I can renew my contract again. He got lost in thoughts. Still lost I think for he has not mentioned much.

I want a cake this time as well -  from Bengawan Solo -  the nice fruit cake. I have been craving for it for some time. Raihaan's birthday cake this time was not that good. We had it ordered in Desaru -  cheesecake. Even Raihaan didn't eat much. And I didn't get to cut a cake for TA  -  so missing cake. A good creamy, nice fluffy cake. No ice cream cake -  simple old fashioned creamy cake from BS.

I will like to have a good headphone as well. Currently the one TA gave is no longer working. I have been using the blue tooth Creative Headphones for my workouts. Can't use that when I am outside.So yes I would like that as well. A good quality- noise cancelling headsets. (Sony Digital Noise Cancelling Headset)

Next  on the list - I will like to have a Fuji Instax camera as well. Why? Actually I don't know. They look cute. But if given a choice between the Instax and a photo printer -  I will go for the photo printer. I need it. I actually have one -  but its not working cos I missed the cable and I have no idea where to get it. So I need a new photo printer.(Canon Selphy)

And of course -  I didn't forget my beloved books. I currently have the Edge of Eternity - Ken Follet ( sponsored by Suresh from my accounts dept for D&D) and Personal - Lee Child( sponsored by TA for Valentine's Day). Yet to read them -  for I have a couple of Jack Reacher novels to complete. Currently doing 2 books a week marathon for the past 2 months. So need time to complete it.

For Birthday I would like to have the latest 2 books from Sophie Hannah - "The Telling Error" and "Pictures or it Didn't Happen".

Cosmetics wise -  I am ok. Pandora wise -  Ok too. Mum said shes getting me new charms -  so will post a picture of it when I have them. 

These are physical wants. I am aware. What I really want -  God knows and I am pretty sure I will get them. 

Ciao people. 

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