The Challenge accepted.

I have made a challenge to my other half TA.
The kitchen will be organised within a month. And if its done and hes Happy - he will help to lay out the table for dinner as and when I request for help.

I agree my kitchen is my own mess and domain. I know where the pots and pans are and I know where the masalas are and where the spices are -  in short I know the way around the large kitchen. But not everyone. And hubby says he wastes time looking for things -  and that actually made sense when I pretended to be a guest looking around to make a cup of coffee. Something that will take me less than 2 mins to source and compile will take forever for a guest.

Hence I told hubby that I will organize every single thing in my kitchen and label it and provide a index list -  the list will look like below:

Pasta pan : Cabinet number 2. Lower rack labelled 2.1
Knife : Drawer number 1 : rack number 3
Strawberries : Fridge,rack number 2 -  left on the 2nd corner -  90 degrees south facing
Plates: Dryer rack -  left corner
Dryer rack : Just above the sink
Sink -  end of the kitchen to the left with the water faucet and 2 washbasins

You get my drift.

It will be so organized -  a burglar can make himself a cup of coffee without a ruckus in my kitchen.

Next  - he complains that the study/work room is so dis organized -  he hates to step inside. I have to remind him that we are sharing space with the boy and its his room that looks messy and its a no wonder he is still sleeping with us ( even after spending so much on that bed!!)

So I didn't promise too much with the room -  cos I know where my limits are. His work table will be neat and books free when he comes in.  RA's study table will be clear of toys and what nots. And the doorway will not be cluttered. That's all I can promise.

People -  I am not a carpenter and I have no creativity in me to come up with cheap organising stuffs. Common sense is also not much in stock for me. And I have checked out some pictures in Pinterest and other images -  they look so organised- colour coded and expensive and DIYS...sorry me and hubby are not hand on. No matter what -  we are not designed that way.

Balcony -  its long been my dream to have it converted to a small garden and a place where TA and I can relax and chillout during tea time.

The highlights of the balcony:
Tall, bright and wide

The downfalls:
Water leaks in through the windows when it rains
I hate the grills
Its hot and stuffy - we installed a fan there - but its still hot
I have no proper plant stuffs  - I have a couple of pots and plants -  but they are like sitting in a corner. So need to get the plan stands or something and get them displayed.

Again  - me no creative person. So I have to do this one by one. And it requires ka ching. So - revamping the balcony is another long and on going process. So when all this is organised and labelled and I have pictures to show -  I will. Insha allah.

I am still sourcing out for ideas -  let me know please if anyone has good ideas on organizing their balcony with limited funds.

BTW people -  I have a 40' inch Sony TV ( colored of course) for sale. Its not a smart tv at all. I am selling it for SGD490. Anyone wants to buy a tv for their relatives or something -  please contact me. I also have a Samsung tab for sale still in its box -  that is wifi only. Going for sgd120. If no one else wants it -  I will just give it away to my son.

Anyway time for some pics.
My lunch.

If you are following me in Instagram -  you will see this as today's first pic. Baked salmon with roasted veges. - very simple meal -  didn't have to cook via the stove top. All done in the oven itself. And this is the only way I eat Salmon -  no other way.

Have a blessed day everyone. I will add before and after pics of my so called organise my kitchen adventure very soon. Ciao

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