Teachers and Me

Did you have a happy childhood?

Well I cannot say mine was a total wonderland but I had a blissfully ignorant one and coming from an Indian Muslim(not so religious) background I had my fair share of horrible life experience - thanks to my wonderful parents who did not know enough parenting. I will blame them of course -  but not hold them on to it.

I grew up terrified over many things. And one of them were teachers. I don't have and lets say never have love for teachers.They scare the soul out of me. In the mid 80's or so ( that's when I went to Primary School- and maybe not many of you were born yet) the teachers were the people sent from Hell under to scare the living lights of poor scared kids. Me being one of them. During those times ( I sound like the taxi uncle...I know) - parents held teachers in high regards. They are the next thing to God. All parents during that time - I think were either scared of them or was happy that someone else were able to discipline their so called wayward mischievous kids.

I had two such teachers when I was in P1. I don't want to name them. But one was my Form teacher ( she taught everything but Mother Tongue and PE) and the Tamil Teacher. Both were strict crazy people who use a bloody wooden ruler to spank your palms if you did something wrong. I swear -  it was the most horridest thing ever!  They screamed at you and hit your palm with wooden rulers and I even saw a wooden ruler break when a teacher smacked me. Thick skinned maybe -  but it did break.

Imagine a stranger who's supposed to be teaching your kids, whips them or yells at them in their loudest voice -  I pity the kid. I really do. But my mum or parents my time were the most sadistic bunch I tell ya. The more you are beaten up - the more happier they become. Weird days. Really weird.

And today -  all those memories came about when my boy's MT teacher called. I was flabbergasted. She accused me of not buying the books for her Class!! I felt like a 7 year old all over again! Goodness that bad vibes all over my big body. No wonder RA hates school already. She was nice - but the tone was all authoritarian on me. I was just waiting to get off the phone.

In my defense - my boy told me this info late and when I inquired with another parent- she told me the books were sold out again last week. So I thought of waiting till this week to call and check out from the bookstore again  and then this happened.

Anyways -  bad vibes. Trying my level best to shrug it off.

I wanted to blog about my weekend where I met up with my former colleagues, the movie I watched (I) and about my plans to revamp my blog. But this teacher brought in old locked up bad memories....tsk tsk bad teacher. I seriously as hell hope she's not not reading this.

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