Screaming teacher hidden me

I have a couple of things to blog out-  so lets make it point form -  since you know how I can really write and write.

First of all -  I managed to get the MT books from the school bookshop itself ( yahoo!!). So I went over yesterday along with RA to get it. Since we were earlier than the school bus by about 15 minutes at the most -  there were not many kids there. I quickly bought the books -  labelled them ( I bought a pen -  good thinking eh?), became a English translator for an Indian helper and then was packing RA's bag off. I heard a lady teacher screaming. And I was assuming it must be the upper Primary kid's teachers -  you know how they can be. So I thought nothing of it -  made the turn to go off -  and guess what I saw? The screaming teacher was NOT screaming at upper primary kids -  but at the P1 kids. Can you imagine that? Also -  one girl was given the time out to stand next to the stairs and she was there wailing and crying.

As I walked slowly past this location where this incident was taking place - the  adult was threatening some kids with her fingers and chiding in the loudest most screechiest voice ever! Imagine your nightmare teacher!  RA was already in his class group and slowly settling in-  so he didn't notice a thing - (I checked with him when he came back home). I was unsettled. I mean -  teachers are still screaming at P1 kids? Its been 3 decades when I was in P1 -  they screamed then and they are still doing it? Wow.

I checked with a friend of mine, actually a couple of friends and they told me this was not normal at all. So my friend asked me to email and feedback to the Admin of the school.  I drafted it out -  but I have not sent it.

First of all -  I admit - I got scared when she screamed. I still carry Primary school horrors.
Second -  the kids are P1! How can they be screamed at?
Third -  I felt uncomfortable -  will RA be treated like this? ( I checked with him -  he said no. He said he always listens and follows his teacher's instructions. Phff! Teacher's pet. Goodness!!)

Well both the PCF and the day care that RA went to -  the class is pretty small. So the teachers don't have to well -  really scream to give out instructions. But I guess with a lot of kids -  you have to scream. I am giving the school the benefit of doubt -  I am not the type of mother who will complain about a teacher disciplining my kid -  but at the same time -  I am not going to sit by and watch kids being screamed at - it haunts them for a long time. I know.

That's one thing out of the way.

Weekend -  well its always fun. What made it more enjoyable was meeting up with my former colleagues! Oh gosh how I missed those ladies! I didn't know how much I missed them till I actually saw them in the flesh. We had a small reunion with my former colleagues from SSH -  Jess and Prema. I was pretty close to them.  The ladies haven't changed a bit physically since I last met them ( with me as the exception cos I put on another 10 kgs). I met up with their little boys as well all running around and playing with boy toys. While they were doing that - we caught up with each other on work and life and everything womanly possible and had lunch.

Very simple, delicious and nice. She had nasi lemak (rice cooked in coconut milk), chicken salad, pineapple and cucumber salad and prawn sambal. Her sambal was aromatic and earthy and shamefully I ate the most there (not surprising). Over all  - it was a nice experience meeting up with the ladies. If the kids weren't around - I guess we would have carried on talking and talking.
Apparantly the meeting was also some sort of gift exchange event -  where I had nothing to give but had plenty received. The ladies each bought RA toys all wrapped still as I type this ( avoiding a toy orgasm), and I received a head band ( I have no idea how to don it), shawl ( lovely colour) from Jess and earring from Prema. Haiz...we should meet often.

Anyways -  check out the pic taken
Jess -  on friday as we caught up with each other

A selfie. That kid is a selfie machine I tell ya

He looks so small in my arms...haiz. Cute little thing.

Jess's kid is a cutie pie. Or say a very lovable tau sar pau. He was so cute and lovey dovey and he loves to take Selfies ( all thanks to the Mum). I didn't have a single good shot of Prema or her kid ( which both Jess and me had no idea how we forgot that!). Sorry Prema -  we shall meet up again before another 2 years passes us by.

And lastly -  ok so not so much to post - sorry about that -  let me share with you a picture of my breakfast. You must be thinking - oh my god - shes turning into that woman who takes pics of her shoes and bags and feet and all....well nope. I just had to share with you something I had for breakfast.

Voila! My breakfast in a glass
That's a picture of my breakfast today  and it contains one orange, three strawberries, 4 blackberries and handful of some spinach. The spinach ruined the color -  but without it it looks nice. And actually it tasted good with the spinach as well. I have this at about 0915 and no hunger pangs till 1115hrs. I was out of other fruits - or else I would have added bananas and pineapples in it.

I have to ciao people, I just had this sudden fever and I feel cold and hot at the same time. Drinking water all the same. Stay sane, stay healthy and be nice to your elders. By the way you can follow me in Instagram as well -  if you prefer to see my pics of actual good looking people and not body parts. Just click on the button. Jaime.

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