Welcome back to my revamped blog. Its kinda late for the new year and all -  but at least i did it before the month ended! I have updated my website to redirect to my blog -  so when you type my website : ""- you will only see my blog. The idea to create a specialized website and stuffs can only happen if I have the content for it. Me -  I am all about blogging what i see and do -  its called a simple nonsensical blog - not a professional one.

I have revamped everything including my profile description and added more gizmos ( I don't know if anyone uses them anymore).It took me 2 days to plan and change it - for I was playing around with other templates and web pages and finally decided to settle on my existing blog. I didn't change the template  -  I like it simple.

The first thing you will see after the title is my fav shot of hot chocolate with whipped cream  - and note the tag on the cup!! This is to symbolically say -  I am lazy and love a good life and I love you. 

So hope it looks better. 

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