RA first day of school

RA's first day of school went well. We had  a 2 hours workshop and then witnessed our son eat the snacks I packed for him and then picked him up when the school bus dropped him off safely at West Coast.

So how was first day of school?
Verdict : Good.

I tried to talk things out from him- but he cannot remember the friend's name and he don't want to tell me more.All he was interested was in playing with his grandmother's phone.

Anyway -  an important announcement to make:
I will be making my small humble blog a private one the end of Jan. This means that my blog will no longer be available for public. This is however a short term measure - will revert for the public later towards the end of the year. Its not possible to get rid of my web footprint -  its pretty heavy at the moment and my intention is not that as well.

For those who are currently reading and would like to still check out my posts -  kindly drop me a mail (hirathameem270804@yahoo.com.sg) -  I will include you in the list. Thank you all for your support.

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