Parenting 101

Ok so officially I'm the mother of a P1 kid who will be turning 7 next month. Bloody hell its been 7 plus years since I conceived?? It sure felt just a while back.

Anyways -  the home works have not kicked in. My son still has no idea what his Tamil teachers are talking, who his friends are and still not sure if the person sitting beside him in class is a boy or a girl. So life pretty much is normal and back on track now.
I am aware of the school routine, and somehow ever since the day he started school- my routine is fixed and I like it. Its a good feeling to be in control of your life once in a while.

Progress in my life -  well this is a new year after all -  all routines and habits are in a reset mode at the moment -  so the only thing I can let out is that I am still in the process of learning French- which is not a surprise since I mentioned in my December posts.

Progress is about something new and my kid's obsession with You Tube is a progression in and of itself. RA's not happy about not being distracted with the YT. The dad took out the cable card  - so no TV for both the Mother and RA. I am OK with it -  but RA is not. So hes been raiding my mobile, the iPad and anything that can enable him to check out YT. How do you make a 6 year old understand that buying him a new game in the iPad is not the same as buying him a real toy? I tried and its not working.

My iPad is a dinosaur. But it works. I cant restrict the apps cos I forgot the damned password and I really cannot be bothered with the taking the backup and resetting it. I got that thing to forget the wifi password and RA went ballistics. I explained to him that the iPad is old and it forgets things like this - but nope. He said he was sure I did something to it because he was smart enough to know that. If you are amused by this -  well - he says a lot of grown up things - and I am certainly not amused.

My girlfriends - from LSH who are parents of teenagers suggested some ways and means to control this habit. I have no issues in giving my son the access to YT- he is after all watching toy reviews and game reviews. No harm in that. The behavioral aspect is where I m getting the irks. He gets cranky when the android or the tablet is taken away from him. He gets distracted and non responsive when he has it. And it really irks me. When time comes for me to review his work from school -  he gets so defensive. He laments, complains, whines, cries  -  all because I got him to write a Tamil word on a piece of paper. A simple letter. க.

That's all. And hes done it before -  but getting him to write it like 10 times on the paper -  he wasted 5 mins of whining and complaining. It took all my strength to be patient with him and not smack his head or bang his head on the table. And this was last night. I wonder whats in store for me tonight.  I will video record that session one day and post it here.

Parenting was not this tough 10 years ago I'm sure. Yeah my mum had issues with me - but not when I was in early Primary School. All I did was play and study. I was good at it. And all my mother had to deal was me, and the other people in the home ( lil sister, bad dad, irritating grandpa and idiotic relatives) and I was a pretty easy child to handle according to my mum. My mum would have been happy if iPad was around then - but still we were active for our age. We were not distracted by techs. If I wanted to get lost -  I read a book. They were all the visual tool I need. I guess boys are different.

I am somewhat troubled by this -  I admit. But parenting 101 hadn't had this issue before -  techs have evolved so much within such a short frame of time -  I guess the authors are coming up with new tactics to help parents go through this issue. And this is only the beginning.

He asked for X Box yesterday. After consulting with my girlfriends, I was told there are some stuffs called Wii, PS4, Xbox.  I know what they are basically - but I do not know the variety of it. Like for example -  you know rice exists -  but do you know several varieties exists as well? Like Basmati, Long grained, short grained, etc. The same. So I know gaming exist -  but not the variety. And my son wants X Box. Money is not the issue here. But the needs and the wants are. The girls told me to go for Wii -  its more or less good they say. But I don't find the need for it. Like I mentioned earlier -  the issue is the behavior - not the content.

Lets get this straight. ( I will want to look into this later in the future as well)  - I have no intentions of getting RA any boxes of any kind that will get him to rest on his ass on the couch. He needs to be active, playing around and exercising that beautiful mind of his. He has toys and I will get him more legos if it needs to be. But he will not be getting anything that I cannot touch and feel except feel the pain of money draining from my CC when I download games from Play Store. Not now - maybe after he finishes his PSLE in 5 years time. But not before. If I have to live through his complaints and whines-  let that be. I went through my mother's for 15 years -  and hubby's for 10 years -  I can handle him.

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