nice week

My hubby recently found out that his name was associated with my blog - hence for privacy reasons -  he asked me to remove his name and his company details from my blog. And that's what I did 2 nights ago. Somehow - my old blog posts were updated alongside with my recent ones-  hence there was slight confusion.

Did i mention anything about Raihaan's first day of school? Well - it was good. He also attended his Madrasah for the first time yesterday. It was like leaving your child to the day care. He was there for 4 hours. TA and I had good time having breakfast, walking around and fooling around. After the lessons -  brought him for lunch and then back home for a much needed sleep and then swimming later on.

I am still trying to get used to the new school routine-  I am not able to go to work twice a week as I used to -  so need to check out the routine for the week before deciding how much I can work.
Its only on Sundays he seem to be having programs -  so we let that be.
First day of school -  his pants were so loose

Lunch with me in school

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