Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year people!
I really and seriously wish you and your family a very happy, better, less stressful, less irritating and more meaningful year ahead.

I still have no resolutions-  though I have decided to close my credit card in June. That is a solid resolution I think. I am not one for resolutions anyways. Mine always fails.

It never ceases to amaze me how we spend 365 days just surfing through life and yet achieve little in that year. I went to 4 different countries and brought my mum and kid out for a cruise trip, took up taichi, broke up with a childhood friend, managed system overhaul project, create website and related SN for my son's new passion and took up French ( yes that's new-  a last minute thingy). And that is all. Need to do more. Learn more - yes that will be a new resolution.

Anyway Raihaan is all ready and geared up for school. I am more nervous than he is - I don't think he understands the magnitude of going to a Primary school and how important that is to me. Its the beginning of the end of my baby's innocence. He will find a best friend, have a crush, be beaten up, and bullied and hopefully beat another kid up too ( a mother can hope), will learn that no teachers will hug and cuddle him when hes cute and the class has more than 12 kids and buy his own food. I am worried - like all mothers are. We are a protective bunch -  we want them protected as long as we can.

Well he has to fight his own demons...he will need to learn the things the hard way. So may god give me ( also to him) the strength to see him face his demons, fall and then rise to victory -  and also bless him with lots and lots of courage to stand up for this beliefs and not be cowered by what his peers think. ( It was a Hobbit week this week..so the influence).

Thats it people.
Please be good this year - be nice to people, respect the elderly and learn to be patient.

Before that -  Please check out my kid's video in his website - its out today and I hope you guys really like it. Follow him and if you can be patient - listen to his babbles.

Love you all -  wishing you a great year ahead.


Or before that a little french to show off:
Nous avons un chien et un chat.

Though I know you dont care about that - and you might thing I took it off from the Google - I assure you its not.  haha


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