Some where today morning on my way to work in the cab ( sponsored by hubby) I managed to take a sneak peak into FB and read an article. I was able to steal some time away from hubby cos he was on the phone about work as usual.
It took me maybe less than 4 minutes to read it and then I logged out from FB and wondered about it till I reached work. I even discussed it with hubby.

Article titled "Indian Man slaps Bollywood Star for wearing short dress".  It is a short article anyway and the title says it all. But the reason why I was thinking about it was because I didn't know who was at fault here. A guy slaps a bollywood actress - i have no idea who the hell she is..never heard of her. But shes popular now cos shes been slapped.

I am a huge believer that what you dress matters. Being born and brought up in a very strict Indian household like mine -  I don't remember wearing anything that would display my legs at all. Its either a long PJs or a simple worn our churidar at home. I did wear short skirts like once or twice and skirts that has long slits but that was when I was in my late teens ( and my mum never found out) Its only after I got married- that I was free to wear what I want - again in my own home. Outside the home-  nothing that displays anything above the knees.

And being indian muslim -  the dress code is even stricter. If you are born in Chennai -  you would have never seen your own legs exposed unless you are in the shower. Yes yes we wear saree  - but it definitely covers the legs and the breasts. It's one garment that can be sexy and fully covered at the same time. Our Muslim brothers just want the sexy out from the women-  apart from that no harm in a saree.

So back to my point - dressing is important. Indian or not -  you need to be covered. So when a guys actually slaps an actress because she wore a short dress being a Muslim - I am not sure who I should be saying "Yay!!" for. I mean - I wouldn't have mind if the person who slapped her was an aunty or a housewife or something -  not a guy.  But then some one must also slap some sense in the girls nowadays.

I am pretty sure the women activists would put me on a stake for even thinking like this -  but then why wear such outfits?

Yes you have the freedom to wear what you want, reveal what you have or lack, but you must accept the consequence of doing what you always do. I am not saying that women who are fully covered have never been raped or sexually assaulted -  there are such cases in India all the time. But why give the jerks the chance or reason to come after you? I know eve teasing and sexual assault happens all over. It happens in India and it happens very often in the so called highly developed country such as the US. They rape women there too. You wear tight t-shirts that highlight your breasts and the neon colured bra that can be seen through and wear tight and low cut pants that clearly defines your pubic area and show off the g-string in the street. What are you expecting?

So I must say that the actress had it coming for her.

But at the same time -  this is where I cannot decide. That fellow has no right to slap a woman who he does not know. Who gave him the right to do that? Was he the high authority over the entire Islamic Shariah? Does he go around slapping Muslim women for not being in a purdah or a nikab?  Who does he think he is? What he did does not justify what she wore.  Her mother should have hit her or a lady should do that favour -  not him. So though I think that actress deserved the slap -  I also feel that it shouldn't have been him.

Either we are going back to the cave man ages where all was naked or we resist and ensure there's some shame in us left. Call me old fashioned, narrow minded or plain stupid. I don't care.

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