My predictions

I was kind of busy being me and lazy during Christmas -  I forgot to blog. So here's me wishing everyone a Belated Merry Christmas.  As mentioned before - I was being me - housewifey -  preparing meals and gingerbread man cookies for the kid and lazing around.

Its such a nice weather - that I feel its a shame just to go to office. So here I am  -  staying at home and working. Its raining of course -  but the sky is dark, cloudy and windy and almost so comfy -  I don't think I can do anything but enjoy it.

Anyways -  back to the topic I want to blog about. Horoscope. Actually I am not supposed to believe in it - being a Muslim. But I have always been a sucker for this since I was a teenager  - and since I have not checked my horoscope about a few years ago -  I thought of checking it out last night. I couldn't sleep again -  and since I am not in FB -  I had nothing much to read. So I checked my astrology for the coming year. I realized that the things I look forward to in my horoscope changes as I grow older. I used to check out for Love and Romance when I was younger, then Finance when I got married and now I skip past all that and go straight for the Family and Health Section.

I spent about 2 hours surfing the net in my mobile phone checking out various predictions for me next year -  including the Chinese ones and the tamil ones as well. Of all the predictions I read - the tamil ones are the most confusing ones.

Imagine me - trying to figure out if there's any sign of new baby in the coming year -  and I get predictions like the Saturn's and Jupiter's travel itinerary around the sun. I don't want to know where my Venus or Saturn is at which house...I want to know if there's something to look forward to next year -  more accurately -  will I be pregnant next year at least ( I know - I sound desperate) - not understand which house the planets are at!!

So I got fed up with the Tamil horoscopes -  but I got the gist anyways.

So almost all of them said one thing in common. I will be a darn workaholic for the first half of the year - need to watch my mouth with my superiors, and my marital relationship will be on rocks the second half. Alamak! I got worried -  I slept with a heavy heart and saying duas all night. Hubby said I shouldn't have done it -  for what I read and worry about will manifest in real life making the predictions a reality. Well I know it -  but then - I still felt sad and worried.

I know for a fact - the coming months will be hectic -  system gets upgraded and I will be busy for the next three months till April. So that's not new. I knew that like weeks ago. But the marital issue is something I didn't expect. Anyways  - as usual -  I will take these info with a pinch of salt and place my trust and faith in Allah. He knows the best anyways.

RA will start school next week -  and I am excited for him and at the same time worried and sad. Sad that Hes all grown up and that I have not moved on past his toddler phase. I am also sad that my attempts to have another child did not work out this year -  but I believe its all for the best.

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