My journey

So its the end of the month. And since doing something new and sticking to it is a new motto I have unknowingly adopted the past few years  -  I need to think about what I need not do the next year.

I just finished listening to my favorite religious speaker about find our identity and its really good. Its nearly a 25 minute speech about the journey of live and finding our way in it. The link is there and I really think everyone should listen to it. Its something we all know - but listening to it one more time refreshes a lot of memory.

I am 35 -  going 36 soon. And over the years there are so many things about myself that I have learnt due to experiences that God has given me and lessons I have taken from it. I am pretty sure no one has the time to actually think about their life in this manner - I mean -  everyone practically rushes to work with their music on their ears or watching something on their tablets or catching up on their work with emails on their smartphone. After work-  its a rush back, cook and clean ( for the women) watch mindless tv and tutoring of kids ( if any) and then sleep - hopefully with some chance of sex at night. And that's it. The next morning starts.

So with all these same activities -  not many people have the time to reflect on their life and ponder on it. I am one of them -  cos even though I am not one of those working mums out there being in the office from 9 to 6pm  -  I am juggling work from home as well as the real work in home. And there's the mindless tv too -  so I get it. But what have we learnt so far in life? What have I learnt about me so far?

I am lazy
I would rather sleep and laze around than do anything.
I am selfish to a certain extent.
I need people to tell me certain norms and ethics at times
I need people to push me to do things.
I don't like people to tell me what to do ( a direct opposite of my earlier point..i know)
I do not mind read -  so  I would not know what you think or anyone think of me or what I do.
I am extremely egoistic
I take alot of things personally and that includes work
I love hotel breakfast buffets  - I really have something going on for it.
I am vain but very self conscious
I rather do something myself than asking people for help
I hate asking for help

I don't say anything negative to the person I hate.
I don't know how to slap another person
I usually talk without thinking
I love eating and I hate exercise
I believe in magic and in miracles
I hate repeating myself.
I get angry often
I am romantic at heart (that is slowly dying out)
I am very sarcastic -  very
I make fun of myself
I am aware of what I am, my issues and problems - but I dont do anything about it
I am lazy - oh said that already

The above are the quick notes of who and what I am.
But I have learnt the following as well

  • Failure is not a bad thing
  • Things will not remain the same forever.
  • Sad stuffs passes over in phases
  • I adapt to changes
  • I can live in different places
  • I don't hurt people physically or mentally
  • I develop thick skin to protect myself as and when I feel hurt
  • Learning never ends -  there's something to learn all the time
  • People change
  • Stuffs are forgotten
  • I am not perfect
  • I don't aim high -  my needs are pretty basic
  • I know the difference between needs and wants
  • I like to have the wants more often!!
  • I have gained confidence over the years
  • The person who you are with  -  happens to be the best teacher
  • The kids you have -  reminds you of God all the time.
  • I always wake up thanking God
  • When I am alone -  I am always saying thanks to Allah
  • When I am not getting what I want -  I have faith that God has better plans for me. I always have.

My journey - so far. What about yours? I don't think its colourful and adventurous enough. So I am going to plan along with my son to make it more colourful and memorable. When he wakes up ( still asleep) I will plan it and when its done will update it here.

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