Looking forward

Its just days before the year ends and I think just as we do a massive clean up and declutter our house of unwanted stuffs  - I think the all powerful God does that by coming up with massive bomb attacks, shooting spree in schools and killing spree all around the world. Its like cleaning up some space to let more come in. I don't know His plan -  only faith that He knows the best.

Anyway this is the 2nd last week. I have been spending the nights checking out Ellen's you tube videos and laughing my head off. Its been crazy really. Of course I know she existed  - but then how many things can I do? I can only focus on someone or something at one time. She so good looking though - I like it when she smiles. So the past 2 nights -  after dinner - I laugh and laugh and head to sleep and I wake up happy -  not grumpy. That is good I think.

Looking forward to the new year -  hopefully -  something good comes out of it. And hopefully -  I learn to handle the negative stuffs in positive way and not react to it. Really hope so.

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