Today I did something out of ordinary. I broke a so-called friendship today. With the small girl. I think it was long time coming and honestly I had enough of her sarcastic and cryptic messages and big bossy attitude -  I messaged her that I had no intentions of coming over to her place for her gathering. And hours later after saying something about fun with friends, she exited the group.

My cousin told me that I should have not said such words. I could have said I couldn't make it.
I should have. Hubby also said the same. My cousin has this thing about maintaining friendship despite the difference and I respect her for that.

But isn't it better to just let things go? I don't want to act and maintain a farce relationships. So I told her the truth. I may be wrong. I feel wrong too -  but then in the end -  I don't think I am losing anything. So I will be upset a bit -  cos I just did something I rarely dont and against my character -  takes time to take it all in. I don't regret it. 

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