Getting rid of my SN addiction

This is the 3rd week that my son is not in school and he is thoroughly enjoying himself. He is, as of my typing this -  mimicking transformers and in his own world fighting the decepticons.  As long as he is independent and leaves me some free time to check on my office work -  I am fine with it.

Oh and by the way -  I let my FB sleep yet again -  after a break of 2 years. I am not sure why myself. I thought of deleting the entire account -  but then there are 5-6years worth of pics that I have to go through and delete and that is time consuming. So I deactivated it. If its not activated in 90 days -  FB will do the deleting themselves.
It the same old thing again -  I have been addicted to the FB - filling up my gaps of free time browsing it and I do it every time I wake up and when I am in the bed to sleep at night. This sort of addiction to Social Networking - I believe is not good. So I am out of it. Day 2 of it actually. I dont feel empty yet.

Finishing off with pics taken during the weekend -  we rented a car and went around some so called best places to drive in Singapore. So far - it was great. I got to drive as well!

This is Farmart located in Sungei Tengah - nice.

Raihaan feeds goat

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