I am in a lousy emotional mood. I don’t know. And I don’t want to do the being aware of what I am feeling thingy. I feel upset about my hubby. He’s stressed at work and he seemed to be on the phone all the time. He’s there, but not there. Hence I wrote a letter to him today on my way to work. I am not sure if the link works - but check it out.

And because its a rainy day  - I feel even more lousy. Anyway - I think it must be some hormones or something thats making me feel this way. Well -  lets not react to this.

Oh by the way if you have the time -  check the blog written by Ms Jacqui. I read a first few -  but I don't dare read her past. Its called Babyboybakery. 

 Have a nice day everyone.

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