Announcement - Raihaan Reviews is up!

Hi to all. Another few more days and the new year is bestowed upon us. Or something like that. I m not one for literature anyways.

As per my title -  I have an announcement to make.

Today my son's very own website has been published ( yeai!!!) and its called Raihaan Reviews. You can view it at:
Well you know how my son loves talking. Well if you don't-  please know this -  he loves talking. He talks mostly about his toys -  especially his man toys such as transformers, the Avengers and stuffs like that - you get it.

So one day ( or actually it was at bedtime) he kept telling me about this toy he has and what it does and all -  I told him that instead of just telling it to me -  why don't I make a video out of it so that I can see it when I have the time. So we made a small 2 minute video. In the bedroom with all the soft lights and all. Hubby asked why not buy a domain and register it -  and place all his videos there? And then - so I did.  All in the same night. I looked for the domain at night -  and registered it the next day ( after consulting it with the Man of the house).

Its mostly videos people -  nothing new. The first video is already uploaded in his own channel there.

Instead of telling what is missing in the website and in the video - I can tell you what is in there.
Lots of fun, bloopers, background noise and creativity was there. So please don't expect professional videos and stuffs like that. The more stuffs I add  - the more expensive it becomes per year! Haha. And yes -  I created the website. Its a very simple one.

Updated like minutes later:

Anyways -  please check out the website and support the kid's creativity. The actual reviews will be uploaded to YouTube on the 1st of January. Drop him emails and let him know what you think -  hopefully it will kindle his creative juices and will get him to come up with more reviews. Since hes still under aged -  we have not set up any social networking sites or blog  -  so all he has at the moment is Google + and Yahoo email.

The night the idea took form

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