Wedding week

I had a damn irritating weekend this week soon after Friday. And I cannot understand why. It must be work.. I should get it organised before meeting my boss again tomorrow. I guess I am taking work personal again and this is not good.

This week we had a wedding. We get invites to weddings like once a year and they become a festive occasion for the Ansaris. Happens to be my dad's side of family thingy and I was embroiled in the drama between my mum and dad. I had to meet my cousin sis whom I have had no intention of even seeing - and yet there she was - like a sore to my eyes. She was there. I would have at least for courtesy sake spoke to her - but she didn't bulge and salam me - so there goes the invite to family functions! Whoopsie! Her mother shrugged from me as if I had a contagious disease or something when I came to salaam. So like mother and daughter  - all wired wrongly somewhere.

I can and have the time to bitch about them and my entire father's side of family -  but today is not the day. Some other day then. haha.

Well -  thankfully -  I perfected the art of ignoring early in life and thus-  both the Nikah and the reception went well without much drama. Actually -  the drama is created by both my mum and dad -  and its more because of my dad than my mum actually. So since my father's family are functionally incapable of holding on to one marriage, unfaithful, evil and sly ( not all - we have good uncles and aunts) and my mum's are all psychologically affected one way or another  - I rather not be involved.

We had nice pics taken and good food consumed and the week ended just like that. I am not adding the pics here since I have uploaded them in FB as well.

What have I learnt this week?

Well -  I always tell my mom that we need to move on past the disturbance and irritations in our lives. I sometimes do that - but deep down -  you can feel the hurt welling up. I try to move past it. I read somewhere that we should learn not to react -  and I am learning just that. Instead of going through the issue over in my head and creating scenarios which will never come to pass -  I am learning to forget and embrace life as it is.  Its a tough thing to follow -  but I am doing my best.

I have decided not to be too involved in any friends emotionally. I will be in my own circle of friends and loved ones  and do the things I always do and move on. Being involved brings about attachment and attachment brings about expectations. And I don't like my expectations being dashed. Hence -  all friendship will be viewed as it is. At face value. No judgement passed of course.  My zennnnn for this week.

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