Life without - following a blogger's advise

I have lately begun to read a blog and its interesting. You must read it to know what I mean. Hes a living proof that change can be made. Its called Zen Habits and he has a lot of posts in that. So don't attempt to read it all in one go. Hes made effort to organise his posts and the topic are interesting if not riveting.

In fact I took his advise from his blog post about getting up earlier every morning and though its a simple advise, I never could wake up any earlier than 0730hrs. But using his advise -  I have been sleeping earlier and waking up 15mins earlier every day. And this week I have been waking up a full 30 mins earlier and able to prepare breakfast for the boys with minimal rush. I am going to try to wake up a little earlier so that I can start on walking and doing my yoga exercise. So far so good.

I make it a habit to read his old posts before I sleep to see if I can follow any one of his advises. And as such I came across his posts " A Year of Living Without". In the author's own words its his way of finding out whats truly necessary of simplifying his life and making room for other things.

So he does something every month. Hes off alcohol for a month, without coffee the next, sugar the next and so on. Its not awfully weird, but he does mention them and explains that he finds a lot of other things to do when hes not doing what he always used to do. For example he found that he liked tea when he dropped coffee. He also mentioned that he couldn't follow up on all his challenges for the month - especially the standing up after 30 mins of sitting challenge. They were not really possible especially when going out for dinner or for movie.

As I was reading it -  I was trying to find out what in my life I can go without. There's nothing much actually. Apart from my phone, pc and cooking -  I can almost run a day or month without it. But the author goes into details you see. I am off meat for the past 5 months. What else can I live without? These are what I can think about for the moment:

  • TV. That includes movies, rental DVDs and You Tube channels
  • Face book
  • Internet and my laptop
That's the top of my mind. These are what I can try to stay away from :

  • Sugar -  no laddus ( my weakness) No sugar in my uppuma or puttu or anything. Not even brown sugar
  • No more snacks - pokki ( my fav), red bean pau, curry buns, chocolates,biscuits -  all out
  • No deep frying of any food - Actually I hardly deep fry. But the only weakness I have is deep frying bitter gourd. So that should be out.
  • Rice that includes brown rice
  • Seafood -  I might die cos that's the only non veg I am consuming.
  • Taking pics in my phone
  • online purchases with my credit card. Hubby's credit card - ok.
  • Not buying anything new except for food stuffs. 
  • Order takeaways
  • Eating or drinking out with friends or hubby -  I am pretty sure this will be tough
  • Buying new Lego for Raihaan - I do this on a monthly basis now. This should stop.

When giving up each habit - a new replacement should be there - well you know as a replacement for the old habits.(duh). So I don't think I am going to go all sporty and exercise and train all the day- that will never happen. But I need to figure out what to replace the above. Apart from number 3 -  the rest seems a little difficult for me. I have already given up on milk and meat. So giving some stuffs up to simplify life shouldn't be a big deal -  but I need to plan in such a way -  normal life is not affected.

So today is a meaningful post - nothing gibbrish like the ones I usually post. Think about the stuffs you can stay away with and see the changes for yourself. Go on and read his blog -  they are very zennnnnn.

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