the case of an extra tooth

I had an experience today. A realization actually. I realized that I don't actually know my son well well as I thought I knew him.

He has a bloody extra tooth just behind his lower jaw -  and I did not notice it!! Its an extra tooth!! Its not even a budding tooth - its a grown baby tooth! He has 2 layers of tooth...scary actually.
I only got to find out about it when Raihaan was complaining that his gums are hurting. I was thinking its either time for the baby teeth to fall off or new tooth to come up. Imagine my shock when I see an additional tooth...its very easy to miss. I had to take a picture of it and send it to his dad...even he did not notice it. How little I know my kid.

Lets not waste time talking about kid's tooth and how little I was aware that my son was growing an extra tooth. This shows that it will be hard for me to miss if my son is up to something in future.

Life over here -  is so far so good.

Baby wise -  my 2nd round of clomid resulted in a very small follicle followed by periods by induction 60 days later. No pregnancy of course. 
So was given extra dose ( 100mg) of Clomid ( my 3rd round) during the phase and was noted to have a very large follicle yesterday. My doc was happy, and noted that it was indeed too big. So I was told to have Ovidrel injection to induce ovulation. And today -  I m bloated with heavy abdominal cramps.  I really really hope the boys or girls will find their way - I am getting tired already.

Home wise -  things are really still the same. So nothing much to blog about.  I found out via FB that my poly mates congregated at Raj's place for Diwali and not only was I not invited, I had to find out about in FB as well. Not that I had an issue -  but these are the times I hate FB because of issues like this. Well - what to do? Just live on with it. I'm pretty sure they had their own reasons.

But on a lighter note..we had a blast at my friend Sutha's place last Saturday for her Deepavali Open House. Before going to her house we went to visit my friend Fathima's mum. After that -  to Sutha's place. It was packed and we had no place to sit actually -  so hubby and I spent the time talking with Sutha and her sis Renu in the kitchen. Her cookies were delicious and her food were home cooked -  very nice. Raihaan had the most fun actually. He had fun playing with their pet dog, Leo. And the dog had its fun as well. Towards the end ..well- you guessed it...Raihaan hated to leave it. And the dog too actually. 
Wish we had a pet cat or something...not dogs. I can't handle the smell.

From the Left: Renu, Me and Sutha

My pains are getting stronger. I have to ciao now.

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