Cant think of a title on this one.

If you are like me -  you will have accounts in various social networking sites, online shopping sites, gift sites and god knows what other websites that requires registering of username ( usually your email) and password. I have this habit of clearing my cache once in a while when I feel like clearing my lap top ( I know bad- it should be a daily event - I should know better). And so I cleared my History and everything in my browsers.

So as I was going back to feed my kaypohness in FB -  I found out that I  had to log in. Who logs in to Facebook? I usually just type the URL and bingo! my Home page is up looking at  me brightly like a yuppy puppy. And today -  just a while back - I was forced to exercise my memory muscles to remember the email ( I have a couple) and then the password associated with it ( again a couple). And this horror did not end there. My blog, my email, my FB, my eBay  -  all reset. Bloody hell. And I change my password like every 12 hours - not. And being old as I am ( 135 as I tell my son - he does not need to know the real age. He feels over whelmed when I tell him I m a hundred years old weighing a hundred kilos and more) it makes remembering passwords tough.

The good old days had names and at times simple passwords - like my name plus my birth year and all. But nowadays even Pizzahut website is asking for 8 characters of alphanumeric password lah! .Now my passwords are all long and does not even make sense.

My post today is not about pc security. Though I can give you a tip or two about it.Just clear your cache and try to flex your memory muscle every now and then. Change your password every now and then -  and for great complicated long alphanumeric passwords that will take longer than 3 minutes for a seasoned hacker to break -  check out Google. They have some sites about it.

My last post was about tips to a safe and sound marriage and perhaps you may have felt that I was off to a promising start -  but the ending was abrupt and unsatisfactory like the movie "Thirumanam engira Nikkah". Actually when I started off - I was all geared up to write about it. Then towards the end -  I had to work and the ultimate great rush to go to the toilet ( have the habit of holding it all in) kicked in -  and I just lost the interest to complete the post. Anyways-  I hope you enjoyed the first few tips and yes I do follow my own tips at times too.

Anyways - the Deepavali or Diwali celebrations were just over yesterday and I think some sort of housewifey hormones got the better of me -  for I did two Indian sweets on my own at home. I made something called Diamond biscuits and rava laddu. The rava laddu will put the Indian sweet makers to shame-  it was that sweet and full of over sight on my part. But the sweets came out well and good. Will make more of them when the housewifey hormones kick in again.

Again I apologize people - for I have to end my blog a little earlier than I intended. I have a helpline to attend at my friend Sumathi's. And I need the walk too. So off I go. Kindly let me know via email if you want me to write about anything. Anything that I know off of course for I am running out of fresh ideas to write.

Ciao people.

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