What a day!

I am into one of the days you know when you feel angry at the whole world for being stupid? Well that's today. Well obviously no one is stupid -  but I feel like it when I work.
And I don't think this is good for me in the long run if I feel this way.

Went shopping for a new tricycle for our little Safeeyah with Mum and Raihaan. Had fun actually. Apart from the fact that my mum has to complain about my spending habits and how much she could have done with the amount of money I have ( really mum?!)  - that was a small hitch -  but then yes - the first half of the day went well.

The second half - well -  not so good. My vendor decided to release some fixes last night and being the forgetful me -  I realised that every time they release a fix -  the user has to do some configuration works. I had to attend panic calls from users. And then lots of them started reporting errors. Users who are normally quiet were all on me.

Anyway that's work. Of course there are more issues related to work. But being a part timer -  I forget that I should not stress over it. It should take only 4 hours of my working time actually -  but that's not exactly the time I take to work. Its more than 4 hours...anyways who's counting? Definitely not my boss.

Anyway its a Friday and I just completed work -  late. Have asked Hubby to plan the day today -  I just have no idea what to plan -  I just want to leave work and relax. I need to relax as much as I can. Stress can bring about ms flo and I want to avoid her as much as possible this month.

Also in the cooking front -  started making my first Kerala style pickles.

Fresh from the stove

Left in air tight container to become pickle

Peas and cauliflower Kurma with Chaps

Ikan bilis sambal, vendaikai masala,carrot and blackeyed peas thoran

I like ikan bilis sambal. My mother and our family friend Mdm Paramas make a neat ikan bilis sambal. But my mum hardly makes them unless shes making Nasi Lemak and I have been having this craving for it for the past three days. Usually they sell this ikan bilis bun in 7-11 stores and in my local bakery - but I couldn't get hold of them. So i decided to make them myself no matter how smelly the house will become. But alas! I didn't fry the fish -  i just cooked them along with the masala  and it turned out wonderful. As long as the house didn't stink of salted fish -  hubby approves - but he did not taste test.

The dried chilies were of Indian ones-  and they were really spicy -  so i made a very small jar of it. And I am really relishing it. I will be making one big jar for my lunch and dinner.

You can check out the recipes for the Keralite cuisine here.

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