Serials week

This whole weeks been a lonely one. Well hubby's got this big hr meeting where all his counterparts from all over his network are convening for a 8 days long meeting.
He's up and gone before I can properly wake up (well to be fair to him...I'm never properly awake in the morning) and he's back by 10pm. I didn't cook at all. Yeah I ate a little here and there from home but actually cook a proper meal with rice, gravy and a couple of side dishes that would demand a 30mins washup of dishes the next morning.... Nope that did not happen.
I was busy with my own work with office for the week and when the weekend did come..I was all alone. Not that I mind actually... I could have used this time to do the housewife things I'm supposed to you know cleaning and pretending to enjoy vacuuming and all.
But instead.. I decided to take a break from all that and relax by watching TV. You see months back when I was deep in my project I took time off from my favourite my favourite serials on a weekly basis. As mentioned in my earlier posts...I love Downton abbey, Scandal and Suits.  I bought the serials from a kid I usually do business in eBay with months back.  I know I wouldn't have the time to record and build up space in my setup box for all the serials I I bought them. The kid usually gives me good quality serials and it's fast.
And that's what I did since Friday night. Watch all the serials from Friday night. I completed Suits 3 just hours ago. And I would have taken up the next serial to watch if it was not for my kid's swimming schedule. 
So here I the swimming pool posting my blog. I brought a book from one of the lots fathima brought home the other's a biography of a  Filipino boxer... And I just didn't have the interest to continue.  Can't blame the book actually.  I just lost the interest to read. It will be back I suppose. 
I'm not swimming today (fyki..I at times do swim)cos I'm supposed to ensure Ms Flo doesn't not come. It's day 28 today. She came early last month on day 26. No signs of her actually this month and I hope it remains until the results are positive. That's why I didn't want to do anything that makes me want to move alot. I am relaxing alot and taking lots of break.  No heavy works till Ms flo comes in.
Anyway my boy is done with his swimming.  I should get going.I will reset tomorrow. All the housewife work will resume a slower pace of course. Ciao.

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