Onam at my mum's

Dear All

Thriuvonam - or the 10th day on the Malayala Month of Chingam was yesterday. I was not able to do the onam sadya at my place cos hubby did not want me to stress myself physically over the cooking and cleaning -  hence all I did was help my mother eat her delicious spread of vegetarian cooking. The pics are as below and no I did not wear any saree cos my mother turned out to be spoiler who did not want to wear the traditional saree. I had no kaaki so I did not wear it.Just jeans and t-shirt.

Breakfast -  puttu and banana

The kids helping out with the atham

The complete atham- or pookolam our very first

The spread at my mum's

my aunt having a go

Dad's turn of having a go

After my mum's - Raihaan and I had to rush back home cos he had swimming at 4pm ( shifted on request of the coach) and he met his other cousins over there. So by the time both father and son returned back home it was almost 8pm!  I, on the other hand took a much needed nap cos I was having headache.

And when it came to my bedtime -  I was not able to sleep at all. All I did was think and think -  and nothing at all. I did think of blogging something about foreigners -  nothing bad- but I cannot remember what I wanted to blog about.

Raihaan didn't go to school - he woke pretty late which I guess its due to the very tiring day he had at the swimming pool. So he and I are chilling out at home.

He will grow up very fast and I will not get time out like this to enjoy him play or talk. So I thought of letting him skip school today and let him do whatever he wants to do...he will be going to Primary school next year -  we won't get to do all these as much.

I don't have much to write today - just wanted to post the onam pics we took. Will update when I have more.

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