A month of events

Been a month since I last posted.
So many stuffs happened.
  • I had a small get together with colleagues and family members -  where hubby cooked Biryani again.
  • I fell sick soon after and took 2 complete weeks to recover -  still coughing though.
  • I am working on a small mini cooking project at home -  learning how to make Onam Sadhya
  • I am focusing my attention on cooking -  more on Keralite cuisine.
  • Work is relaxing -  my agents are on their own now.

Preparation 2 -  tons of sliced onions and muttons

TA and friends cooking together

Charcoal on the dum

The final product

The final product

It may look simple  -  that there are only 3 dishes -  but it took a long long time to get it all done. Hubby mis calculated his portions and the time needed to cook. We had the guests waiting for 2 hours while we were still slogging in the kitchen. It was a bad bad day and thankfully its over. We have decided never to do it -  ever again. Less than 10 people I will cook. More than 10 people-  we will call in the caterer.

Then there is this Keralite cuisine fever at home..
Olan,and thoran with rice

Cooking inji curry and more

Its payasam in the making

Rajma curry Kerala style with chappathi

Have made a variety of thorans and eliseri for home -  cooking two such dishes every alternate days. Preparing pickles this week and then payasam to complete the training. So far the results have been good. Hubby to tenants love it.

Next -  out 10th year milestone was reached. We did nothing actually -  we went for a small dinner at Swenson and Bali Thai with Raihaan. Could have done more -  but with Raihaan around -  we decided to celebrate that event low key. I bought hubby a Philip Wireless speaker along with some greenery and balloons-  sent it via Noels. No pic for that though

A surprise gift from TA

Sweet treat from Swensons
After my last post about follicle monitoring -  I did not update anything else anymore. I just did not want to bother readers about my baby making schemes-  this is not a fertility support blog.  But to those who bother to know -  I went through 2 more rounds of follicle monitoring this one month alone. The last one did not go through - ended in Ms Flo.
Went through round 2 of clomid -  and yet again was told that the follicle was not big enough - though this time -  I produced an egg in each ovary. The doc is not sure why the eggs grew 1mm in a week to a 14mm instead of 20mm that was the standard.

I suspect it must be the sweet stuffs that I have been having the past few days. Consuming sweet food reduces the eggs quality it seems. So that's that. If Ms Flo visits again - I was told to go through one last round of clomid -  a stronger dose and then one more follicle monitoring before upgrading to IUI.

That's the gist of it all people.

Me and RA -  at the swimming pool

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