Scary assessment books

Today, my blog will be focused on people who have kids who have not been to primary one, or no kids at all.

Have you seen the assessment books for kids going to Primary One?
I did. Its scary.

They have this things called number bonds, words and all -  and it confuses me -  alot.
And I m not sure if RA can handle all these. I bought these assessment books to prepare him for Primary one next year and I thought a page a day will be ok for him. I used to give him spelling for three letter words in English, and give him revision for the exercise he did for the day for Maths. When his spoken Tamil became too Anglo for my comfort -  I stopped the English and Maths lessons and focused on Tamil.
Hes learning Tamil one easy alphabet at a time and hes proud that he can spot his alphabets when we are out. So mission is slowly becoming accomplished.

But then today,being an off day from work, I thought of checking his assessment books to start up on his Maths again - and I had this massive headache just like that.

First of all -  the problem sums look problematic -  not something solvable. And you know what my main concern is? How the hell do I teach my son in a way that he understands and not gets confused?

I don't know. I really don't. Why are the maths paper this tough anyway? Are they training kids to become NASA scientist or something? Or have I set low expectations for RA?

Frankly speaking - I have no intentions of pushing him to accomplish anything that he does not like. Education is necessary and its a must -  that I admit. But I am not planning to become a Tiger mummy  or other New Singaporeans, foreigners and come up with rigid time table for him to follow and strain his childhood.  Currently hes doing his Speech and Drama with a reputed organisation as part of his enrichment class in school along with sports ball. He also goes for swimming every Sunday. That is all we have managed to give him. Nothing where he has to sit and study and cram his small beautiful brain. He used to be into Drums -  but lost the interest (which i think is more to do with the coach rather than the kid). Later religious lessons will be introduced later this year.

I am not altogether rejecting the education per se -  but pushing kids to study maths that has such problematic problems -  I'm not sure if it encourages kids to think differently, or wire their brains to something -  but this is tough.

How am I going to teach my kid?

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