Racial Harmony Day for Raihaan

This weekend has been slightly crazy with me going googoo gaagaa over the suits I saw at the Tekka Mall. I finally had my saree blouses stitched and will be collecting them mid week. Also bought a suit -  but I m not sure if it will fit me -  cos I had to have the sides extended a bit. That also to be collected midweek.

Raihaan had fun with a play date stay over night at ours on Saturday. Sahana and Raihaan had great time playing and having fun -  even she didn't want to go back home, but with her school coming up the following day-  she had to leave. Raihaan was upset and sad actually.

Anyways - today is Racial Harmony day. I got Raihaan packed up in our cultural outfit and had him sent packing away chapatis and Indian decorative items as requested by the school.

Will end this with his pics.

This is what I expect him to be - humble and all.

This is what his father expects him to be -  superstar and all

This is what we both are worried he will be -  Chennai City gangster

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