Nice events

Nothing much to write and post on my side here except 2 occasion -  where I don't want to forget in years to come.

Last Saturday, was Massive Vadai Day -  its the once a year thing we do at home where we prepare lots and lots of dhal vadai and bring it down to the masjid near our place for iftar. TA has that much confidence in his vadai.
So the pics area as below. The vadai did turn out very very well indeed.

The preparation -  all thanks to my Philips Processor-took 10 mins to whiz these up

crispy golden vadai

The Final product

We packed 4 heaped trays and I have no idea how many pieces there were actually. So that's one.

The next one -  today -  15th of July - Raihaan completed his very first full day fast. This is his 3rd attempt  both the others were half days -  but today - he managed to handle till the very end. 
I would love to brag that he did proud and so on and so forth -  truth was -  it wasn't easy for us. He was thirsty at 5pm and we rushed down at 5.30pm to pick him up, When he was at home he wanted to drink the yoghurt drink he bought. We had to buy him a toy to keep him distracted and that worked till 7pm. After that it was tough. He was practically whining away nearly in tears, grabbing his tummy saying that he was starving and wouldn't survive and stuffs like that. Somehow only he -  we managed to get this through. All of us were happy that he did this far. My SIL, my mum and Dad were amazed. The first thing i did after Iftar was pray to Allah for getting him to hold on till the end. This week -  this one episode is enough I m afraid.  I cannot be bribing him with toys to get him distracted.

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