Eid all over

Lets begin like all other normal posts as mine. Eid was well and over with. It was the same. Started with breakfast, rushed over to my mum's for lunch (sans the hubby), rushed back home to rest ( I worked my ass around the house on my own with some help from my son and my tenant  -  I deserve to rest), and then hubby and I ended our 1 week silent truce with ice cream at Swensons. Yes yes -  we were not talking for a week - over a small splat. I don't want to talk about it. People will roll their eyes if they know the reason...it was that stupid.

Anyways -  I took the golden silent time to work around the house ( like I said - no help from the MAN at all). I washed the kitchen with my tenant ( again Satya is such a gem),decorated the house and all and the house was cleaned and ready for the Eid. Also took the time to listen to beautiful Sufi collections and work my house. It was nice-  to clean w/o rushing and nagging at the men in my house. Cleaning at my own time and space. That's what silent treatment does. I don't nag at the hubby, hubby does not lift a finger to help, and I get to do my work in peace. And no -  I didn't invite people over. I am a stay at home mom -  not a domestic goddess or Martha Stewart to cook and clean and entertain people. I hate to clean after the cooking - hence  I don't invite people unless I have a helper at home. I know people can handle kids, cook and clean -  but I m sorry - I don't have that gene in me. My mother is good in that -  but me - nope. Years of cleaning for Eid at my mum's place has put me off. I am 35 and still don't make cookies for Eid. That's how lazy I am. 

Yes yes-  I can hear the men saying " Thank god I didn't marry her" -  well yes. Thank god for you too.

Raihaan fights with the v.cleaner

Raihaan cleans the balcony

Yes yes - that's my boy. He helped to scrub the one tile and then left to recharge his strength

My Henna attempt

this  - i dun blame if the Henna Goddess hits me for this. 

Me and my suit. Actually the top portion. No one was able to help take pic of me in full suit.

So there you go people. We don't do the jalan jalan that all others do on Eid. We are pretty small bunch of people with no where else to go. So we celebrate and actually feel sad that the Ramadan month of fasting is over within our small family and go on with life.

Also on a side note that has nothing to do with Eid -  did you know the 50 Shades is now made into a movie??  Its releasing for Valentines Day next year -  but I m already waiting for it. Heard its a PG ( how they do that I dunno - it should be a raunching above 30 only - if you ask me). Yes.  Only 30 years and above should see this I think. And all stay at home moms, ladies over the age of 30 and above whose imagination matches that of the author should see this. Though the actor is hot and good looking -  he did not match my expectations of how Grey should look like. Hopefully I m proved wrong. You can check out the trailer when you Google it. The elevator scene was as exactly as described in the book - and boy was it happening!! 
Can't wait for Valentines -  to watch this.

Anyways -  Happy Eid to all who are celebrating. Ciao

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