Dark times

Its kinda late for me - need to sleep and all actually. But as part of my busy day after the hectic work hours, cooking in 20 mins and prayers and all -  I take up studying Quran in depth at night to understand more about it -  not recite and all. Its a special project I undertake this special month.

So it takes like an hour to 2 hours to listen to the lectures and take notes and understand the concept  -  then I sleep and wake up 4 hours later to prepare food and all.

Now lets not talk about my work -  I'm bored of talking about that and I'm pretty sure my readers ( or whoever are still reading are probably sick and tried of it too).

We had this tragedy close to home - our next door brother -  Malaysia has the 2nd aviation tragedy in the space of 4 months. Their plane MH17 was shot down when it flew over the Russia/Ukraine air space or something. Like I said -  I don't read news - I don't trust the media. So all I know is the gist. I actually thought the MH307 was found crashed or something till I re read the message again. Another MH. I must sound bitchy and emotionless when I say I feel bad for the management of MAS. I mean they went through bad publicity over their response/crisis management the last time and now even before I think they could print out notes and learn and give out lessons to their team about it, the next tragedy strikes. ( I m not linking any sites here)

Yes I know its a sad tragedy. I pray for the families to stay strong in this dark time. They said Ukraine had it shot -and its considered terrorism and now that terrorism is linked to Islam and Muslims, I m not sure if US will start a war against terrorism ( or Islam) again. I mean - after 12 plus years after 9/11 there must be some reason for them to brand Islam as terrorist again..

I'm not into politics and I m pretty sure now that this has happened  the focus has shifted from Gaza to MH17. So Russia and Malaysia has its hands full and cannot focus elsewhere.

Also -  another interesting point to note.

There's this beautiful beautiful babe who wrote an open letter to our SIN government asking them why they are staying silent on the genocide that is currently happening in Gaza. Her letter was impressive and as a matter of fact -  her entire blog is extremely informative and educational.  ( I feel ashamed about mine...its usually about me). I actually don't know what she wanted the govt to do- send help, or money or ppl to aid them - or whatever -  no idea. I mean shes asking our Govt to aid Palestine from Israel? Kinda funny...cos we got the Israelis to teach us defense...you want us to go against them? Ya right.

But I was more interested in the comments more than anything. Lots of it really. Some are plain dumb, some intelligent, some rude, some religious and all.

Anyway -  my blog is purely self ad about my life-  shameless me - I know. I have no view about anything at all. I don't have the spine to do anything political or new.

Every single day -  ever since I knew about the Syrian war and the Gaza - my prayers -  my first duas are for the mothers and children -and then I pray for my family and friends. I don't ask God to stop the offensive or anything. He knows the best. All I ask is that death comes easily, fast and painlessly for them. After all -  if the world has decided to stand by and watch an entire nation- terrorist or not - to be killed and wiped off from the surface of the earth  -  then I might as well pray that death comes swift and they don't suffer. I pray that death comes soon for the mothers who lost their children and death comes painlessly for children who lose their mothers.

I really hope my govt is not checking into my accounts to see if I have close terrorist ties to anyone cos I support the Gaza initiative. The only radical Islamic ties I have is to my burka clad sister and her family. She is a terror - to me but I assure you, not to you. No one else. And also - please note Government, I have no spine and back bone ( wait -  they are the same right?) to talk against you, I am a very lousy fat housewife/mother/IT support/ daughter -  I have my own shits to worry about -  why should I be involved in matters that does not involve me? Don't worry, I will put that tail between my arse and huddle in the corner of my small HDB flat and watch the genocide happen.

I'm getting that headache again. Need to wake up in another few hours. Ciao people. Please pray that I come to my senses and be the ignorant fat bitch that I usually am. Its quite depressing to be depressive actually.

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